Unique Cool & Stylish Pirate Ship Names to Choose for Your Ships

Pirate Ship Names

Did you know that pirate ship names have always fascinated people throughout history? Pirate ships, known for their notorious acts of plundering, have gained a reputation in popular culture as symbols of adventure, rebellion, and freedom on the high seas.

But what about their names? Pirate ship names are just as intriguing and unique as the pirates themselves.

In short, pirate ship names are the names given to ships used by pirates to raid and loot other vessels. These names are usually chosen to reflect the personality or style of the pirate captain or crew and often have a menacing or intimidating quality to them.

But why do pirate ship names have such unique characteristics? Well, pirate captains were known for their flamboyant personalities, and the names they chose for their ships were no exception.

So, if you’re looking to add some pirate flair to your next project, whether it be a book, game, or just for fun, or it is about naming your ship or cruise, our list of different categories of the pirate ship name ideas will help you find the perfect name to give your project that extra dose of adventure and excitement.

 So let’s set sail!

200+ Best Pirate Ship Names Ideas

“Get ready for a thrilling pirate adventure! Our list of over 190 pirate ship names will help you find the perfect name.”

These names exude toughness and are perfect for ships that are feared on the high seas. Examples include Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge or the Jolly Roger.

Best Pirate Ship Names
  • Devils Cursed Storm
  • Ocean Curse
  • Tainted Rose
  • Cursed Oath
  • Harlot
  • New Pearl
  • Soggy Seaweed
  • Cursed Sea Dog
  • Wicked Folly
  • The Sea Hag
  • The Last Argument
  • Clumsy Sailor
  • Curse of Poseidon
  • Privateer’s Shameful Gold
  • Poseidon’s Revenge

Cool Pirate Ship Names

These names have a certain charm to them that makes them stand out from the rest. Examples include The Black Pearl or The Flying Dutchman.

Cool Pirate Ship Names
  • The Mermaid Serpent
  • Damned Pillager
  • Cry of the Dagger
  • Bearded Raider
  • One-Eyed Monster
  • The Deathly Curse
  • Raiders Revenge
  • The Drunken Pirate
  • The Rancid King
  • Bloodthirsty Crew
  • The Burning Curse
  • Sea Ranger
  • Pride of the North
  • The Cruel Pillager
  • The Damned Murderer
  • Devilish Killers

Catchy Names For A Pirate Ship

These names are designed to catch people’s attention and be memorable. Examples include The Salty Dog or The Buccaneer’s Revenge.

  • Seven Seasters
  • Kraken’s Curse
  • The Loch Mess
  • Mermen Ahoy
  • Curse Like A Sailor
  • Avast Ye
  • Shiver Me Timbers
  • Dead Men Sailing
  • Scallywags
  • Walk The Plank
  • No Mutiny Here
  • Shark Bait
  • Booty Fools
  • Bootyfull
  • Clap of Thunder
  • Peg Leg
  • Scuttlebutt
  • Swashbuckler
  • All Hands Hoay
  • Sea Dogs Unite
  • Poop Deck
  • Old-Salt
  • Man-o-War
  • Full Of Booty
  • Doubloons
  • Bounty Hunters

Asian Pirate Ship name ideas

These names draw inspiration from Asian cultures and histories, giving them a unique flair. Examples include The Dragon’s Claw or The Samurai’s Blade.

  • Seven Seas of Williams
  • Captain’s Horrid Treasure
  • Disgraced Anchor
  • Cursed Hangman
  • Old Sea Dog
  • Rising Ghost
  • Fallen Titan
  • Sea’s Hellish Plague
  • Soul Cairn
  • God’s Swear Word
  • Cursed Raider
  • Captains Killer

Unique Pirate Ship Names

These names are considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to pirate ship names. Examples include The Revenge or The Whydah.

Unique Pirate Ship Names
  • Jewel Theif
  • Golden Rose
  • Happy Dog
  • Hangman’s Hollow
  • Splintered Memory
  • Serpent’s Cry
  • Beneath Burning Skies
  • Moon Whisperer
  • Hangman’s Daughter
  • The Staunch Harlot
  • Damned Night
  • Satan’s Mermaid
  • Happy Sailor
  • Lost Treasure
  • The Tyranny of Evil Men
  • Dusty Anchor

Historical Names For A Pirate Ship

These names are based on historical figures or events related to piracy, giving them a sense of authenticity. Examples include The Golden Hind or The Black Bart.

  • Ghostly Death
  • Dreaming Wave
  • The Hail Mary
  • Night Fighter
  • Davy Jones Death
  • Ghostly Sea Dog
  • Death Fire
  • Silent Killer
  • Night Soul
  • Dream Chaser
  • Speedy Slug
  • Broken Soul
  • Devils Damned Jewel
  • Privateer’s Scream
  • Golden Eel

Famous Pirate Ship Names

These names are well-known due to their association with famous pirates or historical events. Examples include The Queen Anne’s Revenge or The Spanish Galleon.

Famous Pirate Ship Names
  • Bone Rattler
  • Bone Heart
  • Neptune’s Plague
  • Night Wind
  • Sea Nymph
  • The Maiden’s Blood
  • The Morbid Angel
  • Devil’s Heart
  • Golden Mermaid
  • Hades Raider
  • Mystic Sirens
  • Burning Rose
  • Golden Cairn
  • Poisoned Arrow
  • Black Charlatan
  • Sunken Seaweed
  • Thunder Waves
  • Abandoned Barnacle
  • Lost Lagoon
  • Mourning Star
  • Hades Doubloon

Classic Pirate Boat Names

These names are traditional and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the golden age of piracy. Examples include The Sea Witch or The Brigantine.

  • The Smile-less Eye
  • Devils Treasure
  • Burning Dragon
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Tainted Heart
  • Serpent’s Revenge
  • The Broken Ankle
  • Revenge Tide
  • Golden Squid
  • Squid Blaster
  • Speedy Sun
  • Fish Fryer

Stylish Pirate Ship Names

These names are one-of-a-kind and stand out from the rest due to their creativity. Examples include The Kraken’s Grasp or The Siren’s Call.

  • The Uncultured Ghost
  • The Greedy Grail
  • The Dragons Rose
  • The Dirty King
  • Mayflower Insanity
  • Damnation of Hades
  • The Broken Dragon
  • The Blasted Wolf
  • The Vicious Trinity
  • The Floating Raider
  • The Pillager
  • The Good Damned
  • The Barbaric Killers
  • Filthy Swashbucklers
  • The Hellish Tide
  • Disgraced Pillager

Mythical Pirate Ship Names

These names draw inspiration from myths and legends, giving them a mystical and magical quality. Examples include The Leviathan or The Phoenix.

  • Jolly Storm
  • The Tavern Wench
  • Red Hurricane
  • Riptide
  • Grand Serpent
  • Thunder Tide
  • Ruthless Raider
  • Davy Jones Executioner
  • Iron Teeth
  • Corrupted Skull
  • Tainted Dragon
  • Scurvy Wave
  • Hellish Shark
  • Old TIde
  • Dream Stealer

English Pirate Ship Names

These names draw inspiration from English history and culture, giving them a sense of tradition. Examples include The HMS Beagle or The HMS Bounty.

English Pirate Ship Names
  • Wind Raider
  • Shiverin’ Dragon
  • Drunken James
  • Murderer’s Knave
  • Golden Jewel
  • Damp Queen
  • Pure Sirens
  • Dirty Dragon
  • Hellish Captain
  • Barbaric Ghost
  • Buccaneers Killer
  • Dead Bones
  • Devil’s Maw
  • Secret Dagger
  • Demon Sea-Dog
  • Assassin’s Glare
  • Mystic Sea
  • Lone Star
  • Boundless Desolation
  • Ulgy Kraken
  • Sea Serpent’s Despair
  • Bloody Hangman
  • Night of Doom
  • Ocean Overlord
  • The Sea King’s Folly
  • Cursed Slave

Good Names For A Pirate Ship

These names are simply good, solid names that would work well for any pirate ship. Examples include The Dreadnought or The Marauder.

  • Night Blood
  • Wild Storm
  • Sea Ghost
  • Jewel of Atlantis
  • Neptune’s Teeth
  • The Murderous Stare
  • Stone Angel
  • Hell and High Water
  • Revenge Queen
  • Hungry Hangman
  • Stinkin Plank
  • Old James
  • HellFish
  • Brave Titan
  • Rogue Wave
  • The Doomed Dawn
  • Buccaneers Slave
  • Fallen Captain
  • Old Scallywag

Creative Pirate Ship Names

These are names that showcase creativity and imagination, such as The Mermaid’s Curse or The Buccaneer’s Bounty.

  • Privateer’s Death
  • Deadly Squid
  • Sunken Whale
  • Hades Saber
  • Plague Storm
  • The Devil’s Own
  • Pretty Coral
  • Shallow Mermaid
  • Dragons Black Plunder
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Soulless Dragon
  • Fearful Diamond
  • Ginger Snap
  • Royal Pearl
  • Angel of Doom

Pirate Ship Names based on famous pirate legends:

Pirate ship names based on famous pirate legends draw inspiration from the real-life pirates who sailed the seas and terrorized ships during the Golden Age of Piracy.

The Inspiration Ideas for Pirate Ship Names

“Set sail with style and strength – find inspiration for your pirate ship name in these 30 natural wonders and phenomena.”

  1. Mountain Ranges: The Rocky Peak (inspired by the strength and resilience of mountains)
  2. Waterfalls: The Thundering Falls (inspired by the power and force of waterfalls)
  3. Rivers: The Mighty Rapids (inspired by the speed and agility of rivers)
  4. Giant Trees: The Redwood Raider (inspired by the majesty and size of giant trees)
  5. Canyons: The Grand Canyon Cruiser (inspired by the deep and winding canyons)
  6. Glaciers: The Glacier Gale (inspired by the cold and icy glaciers)
  7. Hurricanes: The Hurricane Hunter (inspired by the unpredictability and strength of hurricanes)
  8. Volcanoes: The Volcano Vagabond (inspired by the heat and explosive nature of volcanoes)
  9. Deserts: The Sandstorm Seeker (inspired by the harsh and barren landscape of deserts)
  10. Northern Lights: The Aurora Adventurer (pirate ship name inspired by the colorful and mystical northern lights)
  11. Ocean Depths: The Blue Abyss (inspired by the mystery and vastness of the ocean)
  12. Gemstones: The Diamond Digger (inspired by the beauty and rarity of gemstones)
  13. Sunsets: The Golden Horizon (inspired by the vibrant and stunning colors of sunsets)
  14. Ancient Ruins: The Jade Jaguar (inspired by the mystery and history of ancient ruins)
  15. Molten Rock: The Lava Lurker (inspired by the heat and flow of molten rock)
  16. Foggy Landscapes: The Misty Mirage (pirate ship names inspired by the hazy and surreal quality of foggy landscapes)
  17. Nighttime: The Moonlit Marauder (inspired by the darkness and mystery of nighttime)
  18. Spiritual Sites: The Mystic Mountain (inspired by the spiritual and sacred quality of certain mountains)
  19. Oysters: The Pearl Pirate (inspired by the precious and valuable nature of pearls)
  20. Arctic Circle: The Polar Plunderer (inspired by the extreme and unforgiving climate of the Arctic)
  21. Precious Stones: The Ruby Raider (inspired by the beauty and value of precious stones)
  22. Ocean: The Sapphire Sea Queen (inspired by the deep blue color and vastness of the ocean)
  23. Snow-Capped Mountains: The Snowy Summit (inspired by the serene and majestic quality of snow-capped mountains)
  24. Underwater Riches: The Sunken Treasure (inspired by the hidden and valuable treasures that lie beneath the ocean)
  25. Mythical Creatures: The Thunderbird (inspired by the folklore and legend of mythical creatures)
  26. Tides: The Tidal Titan (inspired by the power and force of ocean tides)
  27. Greek Mythology: The Titan’s Fury (inspired by the mythological Titans of ancient Greek mythology)
  28. Topaz: The Topaz Tempest (inspired by the bright and striking color of topaz)
  29. Dusk: The Twilight Temptress (inspired by the transition from day to night during dusk)
  30. Natural Phenomena: The Whirlpool Wanderer (inspired by the powerful and swirling nature of whirlpools)

Tips for Choosing the Right Name (Personalized Name)

Tips for Choosing the Right Names


Choosing pirate ship names is an important decision that requires careful consideration. To ensure you select a fitting and memorable name, you should reflect the ship’s character, consider its history, use mythology, play with puns, reflect the crew, use geographic locations, historical figures, and animal names, consider the ship’s function, and make it memorable.

By using these ideas provided in the above lists, you can choose a pirate ship name that truly represents your ship’s identity and instills fear in your enemies on the high seas.

Also, you can use online pirate ship name generators. Set your sails with confidence and choose a pirate ship name that reflects your ship’s identity and history.


What should I name my pirate ship?

Naming a pirate ship is a personal choice, but some popular options include names that are intimidating or evoke a sense of adventure and danger. For example, you could choose a name like Black Pearl, Jolly Roger, or Revenge.

How did Pirates Name Their Ships?

Pirates often named their ships after fierce animals, mythical creatures, or powerful historical figures. They also sometimes used names that conveyed their own reputation, such as Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge or Captain Kidd’s Adventure Galley.

What is the Best Pirate Name?

The best pirate name is subjective and depends on personal preference. Some popular options include Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, and Captain Kidd.

What are the Names of the Pirate Ships in Black Sails?

The main pirate ship in Black Sails is named the Walrus, captained by James Flint. Other ships featured in the show include the Ranger, the Urca de Lima, and the Spanish Man O’ War.

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