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Kingdom Names

Are you in the process of creating a fictional kingdom for your novel, game, or any other creative project? One of the most crucial aspects of world-building is coming up with the perfect kingdom names for your kingdom

We know fictional Kingdom name ideas are an essential aspect of any fictional universe as they set the tone and create a unique identity for the place.

They give the world its own distinct flavor, and having an array of well-crafted kingdom names can enhance the overall immersive experience for the audience.

We have shared lists to provide you with a one-stop shop for all kingdom names ideas. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your world-building skills to the next level.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the realm of kingdom names!

 500+ Kingdom Names for Your Fantasy World

Dive into a world of endless creative possibilities with over 500 kingdom names to help you craft your perfect fantasy realm.

Note: Please keep in mind that when naming your kingdom or realm, it is important to avoid infringing on any existing copyrights or trademarks.

Best Kingdom Names:

The best kingdom names evoke a sense of grandeur, power, and strength.

  • Literra Empire
  • Kingdom of Kithage
  • Duridrar Kingdom
  • Masgream Kingdom
  • Grorhur Dynasty
  • Norbumin Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Grimaker
  • Yordumlin Empire
  • Graboki Dynasty
  • Kingdom of Lokromli
  • Ailech Kingdom
  • Glyswing Kingdom
  • Dumnonian Kingdom

Good Names For A Kingdom:

Good kingdom names are those that convey a sense of prosperity, unity, and happiness.

They may be inspired by the natural beauty of the land, such as the Emerald City or the Shire.

  • Empire of Santok
  • Rusa Dynasty
  • Samar Kingdom
  • Empire of Jimi
  • Kingdom of Como
  • Kingdom of Casentino
  • Wandala Dynasty
  • Kuku Dynasty
  • Kano Empire
  • Ulaborg Empire
  • Abraicuria Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Bavaria
  • Azov Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Koda
  • Kingdom of Narva
  • Kingdom of Fyn
  • Telemark Dynasty

Cool Kingdom Names:

Cool kingdom names are often inspired by pop cultures, such as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

  • Kingdom of Daloznun
  • Baridoki Kingdom
  • Empire of Bhathag
  • Kingdom of Thamdin
  • Derfir Kingdom
  • Vozmead Kingdom
  • Sangruil Empire
  • Orindoth Kingdom
  • Thezmaer Kingdom
  • Thufrim Dynasty
  • Haldaerk Kingdom

Cute Kingdom Names:

Cute kingdom names often feature adorable or whimsical elements, such as a play on words or puns.

  • Aevum Empire
  • Vitalis Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Thera
  • Tummulus Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Aetas
  • Exalos Kingdom
  • Locus Kingdom
  • Imum Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Luceras
  • Scuris Kingdom
  • Lurris Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Prophis
  • Fye Empire
  • Mementos Dynasty
  • Ceraun Kingdom

Unique Names For A Kingdom:

Unique kingdom names are those that are distinct and memorable.

They may be inspired by unusual or obscure sources, such as ancient languages or forgotten myths.

  • Secos Kingdom
  • Exalos Dynasty
  • Kingdom of Cait
  • Empire of Geulders
  • Suzdal Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Trebizond
  • Benevento Kingdom
  • Navarre Dynasty
  • Neopatras Kingdom
  • Salona Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Stamen

Badass Names For A Kingdom:

Badass kingdom names are those that evoke a sense of power, strength, and fearlessness.

  • Tridentum Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Nyland
  • Ammar Kingdom
  • Nanzan Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Reval
  • Empire of Orane
  • Empire of Edessa
  • Cilicia Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Galilee
  • Lazica Kingdom

Fantasy Names For A Kingdom:

Fantasy kingdom names often incorporate elements of magic and wonder, such as enchanted forests or mystical creatures.

  • Titasal Kingdom
  • Ubreoverus Kingdom
  • Theolia Dynasty
  • Khaebet Kingdom
  • Shicuria Empire
  • Aukrepiton Kingdom
  • Zeagia Kingdom
  • Prearene Kingdom
  • Qeorin Dynasty
  • Wouritus Dynasty
  • Trolux Kingdom
  • Chizar Kingdom
  • Uzacan Empire
  • Ephapaicaea Empire
  • Noterra Empire
  • Oholaenada Dynasty
  • Choprairian Dynasty
  • Enaizothage Kingdom
  • Methia Empire
  • Sheabia Kingdom
  • Yoshuvalon Dynasty
  • Yuitia Kingdom
  • Shasteseon Empire
  • Obreado Empire
  • Kraxuris Empire

Mythical Names For A Kingdom:

Mythical kingdom names are those that draw from ancient legends and folklore, such as the stories of gods and goddesses.

  • Bokintis Empire
  • Kheqairid Dynasty
  • Yitia Kingdom
  • Okrailan Kingdom
  • Rawyth Dynasty
  • Draiwen Empire
  • Russian Empire
  • Zivia Empire
  • Xethen Empire
  • Eavrithia Dynasty
  • Qentis Empire
  • Nurenth Kingdom
  • Ruined Kingdom
  • Shozaecaea Kingdom
  • Wipouria Dynasty

Fairytale Names For A Kingdom:

Fairytale kingdom names often evoke a sense of enchantment and magic, such as the land of fairy godmothers or talking animals.

They may be inspired by classic fairy tales or created anew.

  • Vroudian Dynasty
  • Mamouton Empire
  • Nubaetus Empire
  • Igocia Dynasty
  • Olupis Dynasty
  • Krurotopia Kingdom
  • Stephan Kingdom
  • Idoryn Kingdom
  • Udrusite Kingdom
  • Leopenia Dynasty
  • Duvalon Dynasty
  • Hisian Kingdom
  • Aiximidian Kingdom

Gaming Kingdom Names (e.g. DND):

Gaming kingdom names are those that are inspired by tabletop RPGs or video games.

  • Poppuneian Empire
  • Nurean Empire
  • Dralia Dynasty
  • Uneonia Kingdom
  • Phelulux Kingdom
  • Idageanad Dynasty
  • Capuba Kingdom
  • Ruhan Empire
  • Wruya Empire
  • Aquislanada Empire
  • Slunada Kingdom
  • Vouculia Empire
  • Rekya Empire
  • Oriseon Dynasty
  • Ustonnorus Dynasty
  • Qeyesha Empire
  • Yolorean Kingdom
  • Xakkaesta Dynasty
  • Wreazidel Empire
  • Khouzophate Empire

Disney Kingdom Names:

Disney kingdom names are those that are inspired by the world of Disney movies and theme parks.

They may evoke a sense of nostalgia and childhood wonder, as well as feature beloved characters and places.

  • Delan Kingdom
  • Etraetis Kingdom
  • Ocreggousea Kingdom
  • Phikya Kingdom
  • Ceyonait Dynasty
  • Druikhivaria Kingdom
  • Zeolum Kingdom
  • Auqapis Dynasty
  • Ereppiterra Dynasty
  • Bigaston Empire
  • Zupis Kingdom
  • Drinealia Kingdom
  • Kruzasite Empire
  • Ahuizar Empire
  • Auduslubet Kingdom
  • Penyth Empire
  • Zonirid Dynasty
  • Wavell Empire

Viking Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by the fierce and powerful Viking warriors who were known for their exploration and conquest.

  • Zakisea Empire
  • Preogecaea Kingdom
  • Itaipudal Kingdom
  • Wuproborg Empire
  • Ougraenid Kingdom
  • Grenade Dynasty
  • Zonnaston Dynasty
  • Searririan Empire
  • Wrouttecuria Kingdom
  • Aewrumoweth Dynasty
  • Kroudel Empire
  • Apreaphiteron Kingdom
  • Aiphoccaniel Empire
  • Steaneba Dynasty
  • Woya Dynasty

Earth Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by the natural world and are often associated with different terrains or environments.

  • Doutrunate
  • Geqaenad
  • Ruthouryn
  • Erhe Nalore
  • Oshsequa
  • Daichetus
  • Gorgon
  • Drezzoning
  • Twipra Kingdom
  • Zanokar
  • Dussuton
  • Aitraxevalon
  • Khaebet Kingdom
  • Oriseon Dynasty
  • Khukaesal
  • Zoocropia
  • Aiharreolum
  • Oyuffusite
  • Slizuneian
  • Durian Dynasty
  • Maenontis
  • Gojoseon Kingdom
  • Itikkoulum
  • Astosheopan
  • Tretidian
  • Oyureazar
  • Lnlenora
  • Silla Kingdom
  • Kracceviel
  • Usodiryn
  • Raisrenate

Dark Names For A Kingdom

These names are often associated with evil or darkness and are meant to convey a sense of foreboding or danger.

They can include words related to death, decay, or destruction, and are often used to create a sense of mystery or intrigue.

  • Phavousian
  • Website
  • Shovel Dynasty
  • Ouyupporian
  • Acexisan
  • Wredaeston
  • Dern Kalduhr
  • Hurarid
  • Zizerenth
  • Prearene Kingdom
  • Osyalrion
  • Latveria
  • Binburim
  • Probrineian
  • Ohecomid
  • Ecroddaborg
  • Methia Empire
  • Kafaimid
  • Bankrupt
  • Ekhothetor Empire

Medieval Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by the Middle Ages and are often associated with royalty, chivalry, and knights.

They can include words related to castles, kingdoms, or battles, and are meant to convey a sense of nobility and tradition.

  • Ginladuhr
  • Uzacan Empire
  • Stetuimor
  • Holmfirth
  • Deira
  • Phelletish
  • Yoshuvalon Dynasty
  • Aetruxophate
  • Awaepruvaria
  • Zavidian
  • Aemaquwen
  • Evreavabia
  • Phesorus
  • Xaxotis
  • Uxacubia
  • Krisleobet
  • Gem Thurum
  • Astumuiya
  • Drailuteron
  • Idageanad Dynasty
  • Obislolan
  • Prunotus
  • Than Lodihr

Evil Kingdom Names

These kingdom-name ideas are often associated with villains or antagonists and are meant to convey a sense of fear or danger.

  • Mepritha
  • Igala Kingdom
  • Cuckooland
  • Oqashonem
  • Zebutor Dynasty
  • Crankicrazy
  • Ebatrepan
  • Ihuzruwyth
  • Vraeprurene
  • Saedrepan
  • Cruigecia Empire
  • Penyth Empire
  • Ereppiterra Dynasty
  • Poppuneian Empire
  • Lockinge
  • Zeolum Kingdom
  • Oprudeven
  • Shairith Dynasty
  • Summary
  • Yuba Dynasty
  • Woleba Kingdom
  • Umhosari
  • Ouprudroborg
  • Thastaivaria
  • Ridaekar
  • Alston
  • Greenflower
  • Grasmere
  • Dopevell
  • Voudecuria
  • Memdurahl
  • Thozogalla
  • Bucrodal
  • Yocutha
  • Okruyepan
  • Queenstown
  • Ashhethas
  • Aepriddudel
  • Aiparining
  • Braleopan
  • Heotothen
  • Noweobia

Historical Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by real-world historical kingdoms and empires and are often associated with a specific time period or culture.

  • Veveoburg
  • Zupis Kingdom
  • Phelulux Kingdom
  • Stayeseon
  • Haran
  • Exowerin
  • Stozurean
  • Kavamid
  • Erhonoris
  • Krouvarid
  • Hevadal
  • Ulapevell
  • Keqeria
  • Ahuizar Empire
  • Crunotis
  • Aeshirrelum

Futuristic Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by science fiction and are often associated with advanced technology or space travel.

They can include words related to robotics, AI, or virtual reality, and are meant to convey a sense of progress and innovation.

  • Fylfrion
  • Auzuyirene
  • Yuitia Kingdom
  • Fool’s March
  • Praetorian
  • Unylelenor
  • Veraenao
  • Slouxaryn
  • Brickelwhyte
  • Gnomecenturia
  • Numfurum
  • Peotrerian
  • Mordor
  • High Badur
  • Grelyra Empire
  • Slummasian
  • Treturian
  • Vrekeateron
  • Etraetis Kingdom
  • Bhumdaruhm
  • Enva Belanore
  • Ruwiterra
  • Ifme Tirion

Elemental Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by classical elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and are often associated with different powers or abilities.

  • Nefuirenth
  • Wrofupis
  • Ruhan Empire
  • Xogreotha
  • Meawonao
  • Truvidour
  • Wreazidel Empire
  • Crunninia
  • Chesteovalon
  • Yaezuwyth
  • Annabelle
  • Groreoterra
  • Llyn
  • Peterborough
  • Woodbine
  • Vuzrodour
  • Ekorotia
  • Madrathia
  • Chowipan
  • Sluitewen
  • Trappiya
  • Vraqiweth
  • Murrecia
  • Kreagecan
  • Owechuca
  • Brewaelum
  • Rairrisea
  • Acravia Empire
  • Barovia
  • Muithunate
  • Vroguthia
  • Kunagia Dynasty
  • Aupremokar
  • Drinealia Kingdom
  • Kruilarin
  • Trollfairy land
  • Obreado Empire
  • Vropruiwen
  • Phuizuca
  • Dumbarton
  • Qelolux
  • Shikkesite
  • Steacculum
  • Puqalia
  • Asuretopia
  • Prouvazia
  • Kem Oluhm
  • Dornwich
  • Digbaduhr
  • Pridoucia
  • Katteasha
  • Noterra Empire
  • Usliyuilia
  • Echeoselon
  • Khuqitis
  • Syle Alari
  • Vrixatopia
  • Ahubriton
  • Akroukikha
  • Achnasheen
  • Sterculia
  • Vrikhodour

Tribal Kingdom Names

These names are often associated with indigenous cultures or ancient civilizations and are meant to convey a sense of tradition and heritage.

  • Sexegalla
  • Vreadredian
  • Buyeo –
  • Xuzuvalon
  • Theogewyth
  • Ceqimid
  • Shicuria Empire
  • Carded
  • Roneatia
  • Pizaepan
  • Nouffarean
  • Keasodor
  • Quinisal
  • Crouburith
  • Beckton
  • Yopapia
  • Nytenatheas
  • Omyrenrion
  • Chebodel
  • Wavell Empire
  • Pharraedia
  • Chuddaba
  • Thaiwucuria
  • Wrecuston
  • Chimitia
  • Olymalona

Alien Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by science fiction and are often associated with extraterrestrial life or advanced civilizations.

  • Oudroshopis
  • Domhnall
  • Phizzadian
  • Yafelenor
  • Phikya Kingdom
  • Auduisite Empire
  • Cututeron
  • Zaiyorus
  • Dexaidal
  • Myeth Unarith
  • Cicaiborg
  • Hearuviel
  • Cirrane
  • Vraxanyth
  • Cigipis
  • Rushaiston
  • Ephapaicaea Empire
  • Meliserine
  • Stannupis
  • Aukrepiton Kingdom
  • Trekrerith
  • Iduivacan
  • Chippuniel
  • Oheffuthen
  • Esaena Aethel
  • Kraxuris Empire
  • Zouqabia
  • Eshacudel
  • Urociria Dynasty
  • Calormen
  • Gevusha
  • Vudetopia
  • Stouzanyth
  • Aigraqemor
  • Phacraivalon
  • Vreapinid

Superhero Kingdom Names

These kingdom names are inspired by comic books and are often associated with superheroes or supervillains.

They can include words related to superpowers, secret identities, or superhero teams, and are meant to convey a sense of heroism or villainy.

  • Egrigroca
  • Uyeoresite
  • Zuyoulon
  • Wrokinada
  • Songhai
  • Themyscira
  • Vodivaria
  • Dralia Dynasty
  • Auduslubet Kingdom
  • Erf Allanar
  • Trolux Kingdom
  • Droguidor
  • Qammucaea
  • Oprerruvia
  • Kingdom Of Sir trolls
  • Shitecan
  • Sacusian Dynasty
  • Ulaiqedor
  • Pruborg Empire
  • Nagdahn
  • Rilikya
  • Slunada Kingdom
  • Ise Alora

Famous Kingdom Names

These names are inspired by real-world kingdoms or empires that are well-known in history or popular culture.

  • Outushoumore
  • Auslococuria
  • Enaizothage Kingdom
  • Gardarum
  • Kingdom of Commagene
  • Gritoteron
  • Buneomore
  • Wopawyth
  • Eyuimmining
  • Yaicinyth
  • Mon Uluhm
  • Oyeokholia
  • Kholrogh
  • Druiphator
  • Ithuriniel
  • Preddoulux
  • Khouzophate Empire
  • Echogeris
  • Kingdom of Beers
  • Cataiseon
  • Vrakketeron
  • Xouzzurus

Fantasy Kingdom Names

Fantasy Kingdom Names

How to Choose the Best Name for Your Fantasy Kingdom

Understand Your Kingdom’s Culture and History

Before you can choose a name for your kingdom, you need to understand its culture and history. Is your kingdom a peaceful land of farmers and artisans, or a war-torn land of fierce warriors? Is it a kingdom of magic and mystery, or a realm of science and technology?

Consider the Tone You Want to Set

The name you choose for your kingdom will set the tone for your entire world. Do you want a name that sounds regal and majestic, or something more mysterious and foreboding? Think!

Look for Inspiration in Real-World History and Mythology

Many fantasy writers and game designers find inspiration in real-world history and mythology when creating their worlds.

Think About Your Target Audience

Consider the age, interests, and preferences of your target audience when choosing a name for your kingdom. A name that works well for a young adult audience may not be appropriate for a children’s book.

Get Feedback from Others

Don’t be afraid to seek feedback from others when choosing a name for your kingdom. Share your ideas with friends, fellow writers, or your target audience to see what they think.


Choosing the right kingdom names for your fantasy kingdoms is an important decision that can make or break your world-building efforts.

By understanding your kingdom’s culture and history, considering the tone you want to set, looking for inspiration in real-world history and mythology, thinking about your target audience, and seeking feedback from others, you can find the perfect kingdom name ideas for your fictional realms.


What are Good Names for a Kingdom?

Good names for a kingdom often evoke a sense of power, strength, and authority. They can be inspired by nature, mythology, history, or literature, and should be memorable and easy to pronounce. Examples of good names for a kingdom include Avalon, Camelot, Atlantis, Elvandar, Narnia, Gondor, and Wakanda.

How Do You Name a Fantasy World?

Naming a fantasy world requires creativity and imagination. A good strategy is to think about the key themes and elements of your world, such as its geography, culture, magic system, or history, and use those as inspiration for the name. Another approach is to combine different words or sounds to create a unique name. For example, the world of Middle-earth was named by author J.R.R. Tolkien by combining the words “middle” and “earth.”

What are Examples of Kingdom Names?

There are many examples of kingdom names from literature, mythology, and history. Some examples include:
Camelot (from the Arthurian legend)Arendelle (from Disney’s Frozen)Westeros (from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire)Hyrule (from the Legend of Zelda video game series)The Shire (from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth)Albion (from British mythology)

What is a Good Realm Name?

A good realm name should capture the essence of the world it represents. It should be easy to remember and pronounce and should convey a sense of mystery, wonder, or power. Examples of good realm names include Azeroth (from the World of Warcraft game series), The Forgotten Realms (from Dungeons & Dragons), The Feywild (from D&D and other fantasy settings), The Underworld (from Greek mythology), and The Dreaming (from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics).

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