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Irish House Names

When it comes to choosing a name for your house, there is something special about Irish house names. They exude charm, tradition, and a touch of magic.

Whether you have Irish roots or simply appreciate the rich culture of Ireland, incorporating an Irish house name adds a unique and meaningful touch to your home.

In this article, we have shared a list of the best Irish house names. Ireland is a land steeped in folklore, myth, and legend. Its landscapes are adorned with ancient ruins, mystical castles, and quaint cottages.

It is no wonder that Irish house names carry a certain enchantment that captivates the imagination So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect name for your cherished abode.

28+ Best Irish House Names

Choose any one name because these Irish house names have a way of evoking a sense of history and belonging.

  1. Dun Aengus
  2. Tír na nÓg
  3. Gleann na Sí
  4. Ballymore Cottage
  5. Cluain Meala (Honey Meadow)
  6. An Cuan (The Harbour)
  7. Teach Solas (House of Light)
  8. Dún na Rí (Fort of the King)
  9. Ardmore Retreat
  10. Baile an Ghrá (Town of Love)
  11. An Crannóg (The Crannog)
  12. Cill Dara (Church of the Oak)
  13. Coillteach (Wooded Place)
  14. Inis Báile (Island Village)
  15. Teach Ghlas (Green House)
  16. Sruthán na hÉireann (Stream of Ireland)
  17. Gleann Glas (Green Valley)
  18. Áth na Sceire (Ford of the Fish)
  19. Cluain Tarbh (Meadow of the Bull)
  20. Teach Sí (Fairy House)
  21. Dún Chéide (Céide Fort)
  22. Cluain Fada (Long Meadow)
  23. A Bóthar Buí (The Yellow Road)
  24. Árdán (High Place)
  25. Tír Eoghain (Land of Owen)
  26. A Seanbhaile (The Old Town)
  27. Caisleán na hÉireann (Castle of Ireland)
  28. Inis Eoghain (Island of Owen)

Tips To Choose Irish House Names

Consider these tips before choosing Irish House Names for your home:

  • Historical Significance: Choose a house name that reflects the rich history and cultural heritage of Ireland. Consider names associated with ancient Irish myths, historical figures, or significant events.
  • Gaelic Language: Explore Gaelic words or phrases that represent the essence of your home. Incorporate Gaelic terms related to nature, landscapes, or qualities you want your house to embody.
  • Local Landmarks: Look for inspiration in the surrounding landscape. Irish house names often pay tribute to local landmarks, such as rivers, hills, or distinctive natural features.
  • Celtic Symbols: Consider using Celtic symbols or motifs in your house name. These can include knots, crosses, triskelions, or other intricate designs that hold cultural and spiritual significance in Ireland.
  • Family Heritage: If you have Irish ancestry, celebrate your family heritage by choosing a house name that connects to your lineage. Research your family history or surnames to find inspiration for a meaningful and personalized name.


Choosing an Irish house name allows you to infuse your home with the spirit of Irish culture, history, and folklore. By exploring our list of Irish house names, you can find a name that reflects your love for all things Irish.

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