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Squirtle Names

In this article, we’ve compiled an extensive list of Squirtle names for your Squirtle that are both awesome and meaningful. Get inspired and find the ideal name that suits your Squirtle’s personality and captures the essence of its unique charm.

If you’re a Pokemon Trainer, you know how crucial it is to find the perfect name for your Pokemon partner. Each name should reflect your Squirtle’s individuality and be something special to both of you.

Whether you’re a seasoned Trainer or just starting your journey, we hope this guide will inspire you to find the perfect Squirtle Names that strengthen the bond between you and your Squirtle.

110+ Best Squirtle Names (Awesome Squirtle Naming Ideas)

Here are some amazing squirtle names for your Squirtle that capture their unique spirit and charm:

Finding cool squirtle names for your Squirtle can add a touch of style and charisma to your Pokemon partner. Here are some awesome and unique options to consider:

  • Hydro
  • Aquaflare
  • Splashwave
  • Torrent
  • Bubblegrip
  • Tsunami
  • AquaBlaze
  • Shellshock
  • Squirtzilla
  • AquaVortex
  • AquaKnight
  • Squirtstream
  • AquaJet
  • Shellshaper
  • Squirtlebyte
  • AquaVolt
  • AquaLancer
  • BubbleStorm
  • Squirtle

Badass Squirtle Names:

If you want your Squirtle to have an edgy and tough image, these badass Squirtle Names will suit them perfectly:

  • Razorback
  • Shellshock
  • Tsunami Fury
  • Aqua Assassin
  • Hydroblade
  • Viper Shell
  • Torrential Rage
  • Aqua Reaper
  • Shellstrike
  • Squirtlequake
  • Aqua Scourge
  • Venomous Tide
  • Aqua Blitz
  • Shellcrusher
  • Razorstream
  • Squirtle fire
  • Aqua Fury
  • Thundering Shell
  • Aqua Rampage
  • Shadow Shell

Funny Squirtle Names:

Inject some humor into your Pokemon journey with these light-hearted and funny squirtle names:

  • Squirtleberry
  • Aqua-Naut
  • Squirtlejuice
  • SquirtleFlop
  • Squirtpuff
  • Aquaholic
  • Squirtlezilla
  • Bubblesaurus
  • Squirtle-Doodle
  • Aquadork
  • Squirtle-Licious
  • Squirtletoon
  • Bubblegum
  • Squirtlepie
  • Squirtleberry Finn
  • Aquahoot
  • Squirtle-vicious

Good Squirtle Names:

When you’re looking for good squirtle names that are both meaningful and appropriate for your Squirtle, these options won’t disappoint:

  • Splash
  • Bubbles
  • Shelby
  • AquaBlue
  • Torrential
  • Wave
  • AquaTide
  • AquaMarine
  • AquaSurge
  • Shillington
  • SquirtleSea
  • AquaSplash
  • AquaCrest
  • Shillington
  • SquirtleBay
  • AquaSwoosh
  • AquaFlow
  • Shelbyville

Cute Squirtle Names:

If your Squirtle is irresistibly adorable, these cute and endearing Squirtle Names will suit them perfectly:

  • Bubblegum
  • Squirtlekins
  • AquaBoo
  • Bubblesaurus Rex
  • SquirtlePuff
  • AquaBean
  • Shellie
  • SquirtleBop
  • AquaCharm
  • Bubblito
  • SquirtleCupcake
  • AquaDoodle
  • Shellbykins
  • SquirtleCutie
  • AquaBuddy
  • Bubblykins
  • SquirtleBubbles
  • AquaBeanie
  • Shellbyboo

Inspiration Ideas

Let’s take “Squirtle” as an example and craft some unique Squirtle Names using various techniques:

Portmanteau Name:
Combine two or more words to create a new, unique name that represents Squirtle’s attributes or abilities.

  • Aquartle (Aqua + Turtle)
  • Squirine (Squirt + Marine)
  • Hydroshell (Hydro + Shell)

Synonym Swap:
Replace words with synonyms that evoke Squirtle’s qualities but sound distinct from the original name.

  • Drizzletoise (Drizzle + Tortoise)
  • Cascadekoopa (Cascade + Koopa)
  • Spouterrapin (Spout + Terrapin)

Create a memorable name by repeating the same initial consonant sound.

  • SplashShell
  • StreamTurtle
  • SurgingSquirtle

Take the letters of “Squirtle” and create a phrase that reflects its characteristics.

  • Spirited Quencher of Underwater Realms with Tenacity and Luminescence
  • Secretive Quick water User with Impressive Resilience and Tidal-like Energy
  • Small, Quick, and Unyielding Inhabitant of Riverbanks, Tapping Liquid Energies

Cultural Inspiration:
Look into different cultures for words or phrases that align with Squirtle’s theme.

  • Mizu-Kame (Japanese for “Water Turtle”)
  • Awa-Tortue (French for “Foam Turtle”)
  • Acuatico (Spanish for “Aquatic”)

Consider the personality traits of Squirtle and craft a name that captures its nature.

  • MirthfulWave (Mirthful + Wave)
  • ShySplasher (Shy + Splasher)
  • DaringDroplet (Daring + Droplet)

Environmental Influence:
Think about the environments Squirtle inhabits and incorporate them into the name.

  • RiverineShell (Riverine + Shell)
  • OceanSprout (Ocean + Sprout)
  • Baystreamer (Bay + Streamer)

Tips To Choose A Name

 Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect Squirtle Names:

Step 1: Understand Squirtle’s Characteristics
Before selecting a name, familiarize yourself with Squirtle’s traits. It’s a Water-type Pokémon that resembles a turtle and is known for being playful and friendly.

Step 2: Identify Themes
Recognize the themes associated with Squirtle: water, aquatic life, shells, turtles, and its personality traits.

Step 3: Brainstorm Water and Turtle Words
Create a list of water-related and turtle-inspired words. Examples include Aqua, Wave, Stream, Shell, Tide, Splash, Turtle, and Tidal.

Step 4: List Personality Traits
Make a list of personality traits that describe Squirtle, such as Cheerful, Loyal, Playful, and Happy.

Step 5: Wordplay and Combinations
Experiment with wordplay and combine the words from Steps 3 and 4. Try mixing different elements to come up with unique combinations.

Step 6: Cultural Inspiration (optional)
If desired, seek inspiration from myths, legends, or different cultures related to water or turtles.

Step 7: Check for Flow and Sound
Ensure the chosen names have a pleasant flow and sound when spoken aloud.

Step 8: Narrow Down Choices
Shortlist the names that best represent Squirtle and align with your preferences.

Step 9: Final Selection
Choose the name that feels the most fitting and captures the essence of Squirtle’s nature.

For example, using these steps, you might come up with a name like “TideSurfer” which combines the aquatic theme of “Tide” with the playful nature of Squirtle as a “Surfer” on the water.

Remember to choose Squirtle Names that resonate with you and capture the essence of Squirtle’s character. Have fun with the process and don’t be afraid to get creative!


Choosing Squirtle Names for your Squirtle is a delightful and significant aspect of your Pokémon journey. By considering your Pokémon’s personality, drawing inspiration from various sources, and selecting a Squirtle name that holds personal meaning, you’ll form a deeper bond with your Squirtle companion.

Whether you opt for a playful and quirky name or a majestic and regal one, these perfect squirtle names will reflect your love and appreciation for your loyal Pokémon partner.

So check out our list of ideas and select a name that resonates with you or your Pokemon’s personality.


What is Another Name for Squirtle?

Another name for Squirtle is “Water Turtle Pokémon.”

What is the Squirtle Squad Squirtle’s Name?

The leader of the Squirtle squad is known simply as “Squirtle,” but they are often referred to as “Squad Leader.”

Is Squirtle a Guy or a Girl?

Squirtle, like most Pokémon, can be either male or female. The gender is randomly determined when you encounter or hatch a Squirtle.

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