Cool Creative Classic & catchy Old Songs Playlist Names

Old Songs Playlist Names

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s something special about the songs from the past. For those who enjoy old tunes, making playlists is like collecting a piece of history. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just starting to explore old songs, these Old songs playlist names are for you.

We’ve gathered a wide range of Old Songs Playlist Names, each from a different time and style of music. From singers to rock ‘n’ roll stars, our lists cover many types of music and artists. Whether you prefer slow songs from the ’50s or lively beats from the ’80s, we’ve got options.

With this collection of Old Songs Playlist Names, you can make playlists that take you back in time, helping you relive those moments or discover a whole new world of music.

So, let’s get started on building your own musical time machine!

400+ Best Music Old Songs Playlist Names

This list provides creative names for playlists featuring timeless classical music compositions. From Baroque to Romantic, these playlists offer a curated selection of masterpieces from various eras.

  • “Vintage Classical Melodies”
  • “Timeless Symphonic Treasures”
  • “Baroque & Beyond Classics”
  • “Old-School Orchestral Magic”
  • “Classical Legends Revisited”
  • “Nostalgic Compositions”
  • “Era of Classical Masters”
  • “Soul-Stirring Sonatas”
  • “Classic Concerto Classics”
  • “Symphonies of Yesteryear”
  • “Opera Overtures & Arias”
  • “Mozart & More Reimagined”
  • “The Great Composers Revue”
  • “Old World Compositions”
  • “Harmonies of History”
  • “Vintage Classical Gems”
  • “Classical Time Capsule”
  • “Masters of Melody”
  • “Music from the Ages”

Folk Music Old Songs Playlist Names

Explore the rich heritage of folk music with these playlist name ideas. Whether you’re into traditional tunes or specific regional styles like Celtic or Appalachian, these playlists capture the essence of cultural musical traditions.

  • “Folk Legends Revisited”
  • “Old-School Folk Jam”
  • “Golden Age of Folk”
  • “Nostalgic Folk Ballads”
  • “Era of Folk Masters”
  • “Timeless Folk Standards”
  • “Soulful Folk of Yesteryear”
  • “Classic Folk Anthems”
  • “Folk Masters Reimagined”
  • “Heartfelt Folk Memories”
  • “Old Folk Serenades”
  • “Folk Revival Melodies”
  • “Nostalgic Folk Tunes”
  • “Folk Time Capsule”
  • “Vintage Folk Gatherings”
  • “Folk Legends Encore”
  • “Folk Journey Through Time”
  • “Folklore & Melodies Mix”

Blues Old Songs Playlist Names

Dive into the soulful world of blues with these playlist names. From Delta Blues to Chicago Blues and Piedmont Blues, these playlists curate the best of the genre’s historical gems.

  • “Blues Classics Collection”
  • “Vintage Blues Vibes”
  • “Blues Legends Revisited”
  • “Old-School Blues Jam”
  • “Golden Age of Blues”
  • “Nostalgic Blues Grooves”
  • “Era of Blues Masters”
  • “Timeless Blues Standards”
  • “Soulful Blues of Yesteryear”
  • “Classic Blues Ballads”
  • “Blues Masters Reimagined”
  • “Soul-Stirring Blues Memories”
  • “Old Blues Serenades”
  • “Blues Revival Melodies”
  • “Nostalgic Blues Rhythms”
  • “Blues Time Capsule”
  • “Vintage Blues Ballroom”
  • “Blues Legends Encore”
  • “Blues Journey Through Time”
  • “Bluesy Melodic Mix”

Jazz Old Songs Playlist Names

Get lost in the world of jazz with these playlist name ideas. From the swinging rhythms of Dixieland to the intricate melodies of Bebop, these playlists offer a journey through the evolution of jazz music.

  • “Vintage Jazz Vibes”
  • “Jazz Legends Revisited”
  • “Old-School Jazz Jam”
  • “Golden Age of Jazz”
  • “Nostalgic Jazz Grooves”
  • “Era of Jazz Masters”
  • “Timeless Jazz Standards”
  • “Soulful Jazz Sounds of Yesteryear”
  • “Smooth Jazz Melodies”
  • “Jazz Masters Reimagined”
  • “Soulful Jazz Memories”
  • “Old Jazz Serenades”
  • “Jazz Revival Melodies”
  • “Nostalgic Jazz Ballads”
  • “Jazz Time Capsule”
  • “Vintage Jazz Ballroom”
  • “Jazz Legends Encore”
  • “Jazzing Up the Decades”
  • “Melodic Jazz Journeys”

Rock ‘n’ Roll Old Songs Playlist Names

Relive the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll with these playlist names. From the rockabilly rhythms to the harmonious doo-wop sounds, these playlists are a time machine to the roots of rock music.

  • “Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits”
  • “Vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam”
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends Revisited”
  • “Golden Age of Rock”
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nostalgia”
  • “Era of Rock & Roll”
  • “Old-School Rock Revue”
  • “Rockin’ Retro Anthems”
  • “Timeless Rock & Roll”
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll Classics Collection”
  • “Vintage Rhythms & Rock”
  • “Legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Encore”
  • “Retro Rock Jukebox”
  • “Jive & Jam to the Classics”
  • “Reviving Rock ‘n’ Roll”
  • “Energetic Oldies Mix”
  • “Rockin’ the Decades”
  • “Retro Rock ‘n’ Roll Party”

Rhythm and Blues (R&B) Old Songs Playlist Names

Groove to the beats of Rhythm and Blues with these playlist name suggestions. Whether it’s the Motown magic or the soulful serenades, these playlists capture the essence of R&B’s golden era.

  • “Soulful Nostalgia”
  • “R&B Legends Revived”
  • “Vintage R&B Hits”
  • “Old-School Rhythm and Blues”
  • “R&B Gold Anthems”
  • “Soul Serenade Playlist”
  • “Timeless R&B Grooves”
  • “Soulful Sounds of Yesteryear”
  • “Classic R&B Ballads”
  • “R&B Masters Revisited”
  • “Smooth Soul Melodies”
  • “Soulful Memories Mix”
  • “Old R&B Soul Stroll”
  • “Vintage R&B Ballads”
  • “R&B Revival Melodies”
  • “Soulful Classics Encore”
  • “Nostalgic R&B Rhythms”
  • “R&B Time Capsule”
  • “Time-Tested Soul Songs”

Country Old Songs Playlist Names

Experience the heart and soul of country music with these playlist names. From honky-tonk classics to the bluegrass wonders, these playlists take you on a journey through the roots of country.

  • “Classic Country Chronicles”
  • “Vintage Country Vibes”
  • “Country Gold Hits”
  • “Honky-Tonk Time Machine”
  • “Old-Timey Country Classics”
  • “Country Legends Playlist”
  • “Outlaw Country Gems”
  • “Nostalgic Country Jams”
  • “Country Ballads of Yesteryears”
  • “Timeless Country Melodies”
  • “Roots of Country Music”
  • “Western Swing Wonders”
  • “Country Legends Revisited”
  • “Grand Ole Opry Revival”
  • “Old Country Soul”
  • “Classic Country Ballads”
  • “Vintage Honky-Tonk Hits”
  • “Golden Age of Country”
  • “Cowboy Ballads Collection”
  • “Ode to Old Country”

Opera Old Songs Playlist Names

Immerse yourself in the world of opera with these playlist names. Each one features a selection of timeless arias and overtures, allowing you to experience the grandeur of operatic performances.

  • “Vintage Vocal Wonders”
  • “Golden Age Arias”
  • “Classical Opera Classics”
  • “Arias of the Past”
  • “Opera Nostalgia”
  • “Operatic Masterpieces”
  • “Melodies of Yesteryear”
  • “Vintage Opera Gems”
  • “Arias in Antique Style”
  • “Time-Tested Operatic Hits”
  • “Echoes of the Opera House”
  • “Old World Opera Sounds”
  • “Legendary Voices of the Past”
  • “Operatic Elegance”
  • “Classic Opera Encores”
  • “Grand Opera Revival”
  • “Antique Arias Collection”
  • “Gems of the Opera Stage”
  • “Opera’s Historic Highlights”

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are the tips for choosing a name for an Old Songs Playlist:

  • Reflect the Era: Consider the time period or decade that defines the songs in the playlist.
  • Emotion or Mood: Choose a name that reflects the feelings evoked by the songs.
  • Artist or Genre Focus: Highlight specific artists or genres in the playlist.
  • Occasion or Setting: Consider where or when the playlist will be played.
  • Cultural or Regional Influence: Incorporate any specific cultural or regional origins of the songs.
  • Memories and Personal Connection: Use names that resonate with personal experiences or memories associated with the songs.
  • Instrumentation or Style: Focus on specific musical elements or styles.
  • Time of Day: Consider when the playlist will be enjoyed.
  • Popularity or Chart-Toppers: Highlight if the songs are well-known hits.
  • Mix of Eras or Themes: If the playlist spans different decades or has various themes, reflect that in the name.


We’ve gathered a diverse selection of Old Songs Playlist Names, covering a range of genres and eras. Whether you prefer the gentle melodies of the ’50s or the lively rhythms of the ’80s, you’ll find plenty of options here.

With these curated names, you can craft playlists that transport you to bygone eras, letting you relive cherished moments or discover a whole new world of music.

So, let’s start building your own musical journey through time!”

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