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Medieval Names

Have you ever wondered about names from way back? Well, we’ve got lists of medieval names that will take you on a journey through history. From knightly names to names inspired by cool people from the past – we’ve got it all. Our guide is here to help you find medieval names that stand out and have a special kind of charm.

Picking a name nowadays can be tricky. We all want something unique, right? But the usual names just don’t cut it. That’s where medieval names come in they have a deep, cool history. The problem is, it’s hard to find these gems in the sea of regular names. Whether you need a name for a person or a character in a story, we’ve got you covered.

So, get ready to explore the world of medieval names with our guide. It’s like a journey through time, where you end up with a name that’s not just ordinary but also tells a fantastic story. Your quest for a cool name ends here let’s make history together!

500+ Best Medieval Names (Unique & Creative Medieval Naming Ideas)

Here are our lists:

  • Sir Percival
  • Lady Isolde
  • Lord Alistair
  • Lady Gwendolyn
  • Sir Cedric
  • Lady Rosalind
  • Baron Gareth
  • Lady Elowen
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Lady Seraphina
  • Duke Cedric
  • Lady Rowena
  • Sir Tristan
  • Lady Genevieve
  • Earl Alaric
  • Lady Elysia
  • Sir Gawain
  • Lady Brielle
  • Baron Reynard
  • Lady Arabella
  • Sir Thorne
  • Lady Celestia
  • Duke Roland
  • Lady Lyanna
  • Sir Aldric
  • Lady Evelina
  • Baron Magnus
  • Lady Anneliese
  • Sir Everard
  • Lady Isabeau

Unique Medieval Names:

Explore a list of names that represent the medieval era’s charm. These names are chosen for their historical importance and timeless appeal. Whether you need names for stories or games, the Best Medieval Names collection has diverse options that capture the spirit of the Middle Ages.

  • Arthur
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • William
  • Lancelot
  • Percival
  • Tristan
  • Sir Roland
  • Lord Cedric
  • Baron Reginald
  • Duke Percival
  • Sir Alistair
  • Knight Reynard
  • Earl Thorne
  • Lord Leopold
  • Sir Alaric
  • Baron Bertram
  • Gawain
  • Geoffrey
  • Alfred

Creative Medieval Names:

  • Guinevere
  • Isolde
  • Eleanor
  • Genevieve
  • Rosamund
  • Aveline
  • Lady Eleanor
  • Princess Isolde
  • Duchess Rosalind
  • Lady Gwendolyn
  • Countess Seraphina
  • Queen Genevieve
  • Lady Arabella
  • Lady Brielle
  • Lady Celestia
  • Princess Evelina
  • Elowen
  • Margery
  • Clarice
  • Giselle

Baby Medieval Names

  • Elowen
  • Caelum
  • Arianwen
  • Alaric
  • Rowan
  • Seraphina
  • Lysander
  • Gwyneth
  • Thaddeus
  • Isabeau

Unique Medieval Names:

Discover names that stand out for their rarity. The Unique Medieval Names collection offers a mix of distinct appellations for characters or creations. Each name is selected for its uniqueness, making it a valuable resource for those who want names that make their characters memorable in a medieval setting.

Male Unique Medieval Names:

  • Jocelyn
  • Thadrick
  • Percivaline
  • Oswin
  • Elmeric
  • Everard
  • Corwin
  • Lysander
  • Balthazar
  • Godric

Female Unique Medieval Names:

  • Rosalindis
  • Elysande
  • Isolind
  • Seraphyne
  • Marigold
  • Eloweth
  • Thalassa
  • Araminta
  • Ysoria
  • Gwyneira

Viking Medieval Names:

Find strength and vigor in names inspired by Norse culture. The Viking Medieval Names collection captures the bold spirit of Norse seafarers, providing names reflecting warrior prowess, exploration, and mythology. Whether for a narrative set in the Viking age or those drawn to Nordic names, this collection offers an authentic selection.

  • Erik
  • Ragnar
  • Bjorn
  • Leif
  • Gunnar
  • Harald
  • Ragnar
  • Lagertha
  • Bjorn
  • Astrid
  • Leif
  • Freyja
  • Erik
  • Ingrid
  • Olaf
  • Sigrid
  • Ivar
  • Olaf
  • Sigurd
  • Thorstein

Cool Medieval Names:

Discover effortlessly stylish names with a touch of chic in the Cool Medieval Names collection. These names blend sophistication and contemporary flair while connecting to the medieval era. Perfect for characters with classic charm and modern coolness, this collection provides a diverse array of names.

Male Cool Medieval Names:

  • Alaric Frostbeard
  • Percival Stormrider
  • Caelan Nightshade
  • Lucian Ironwood
  • Thaddeus Shadowcaster
  • Darian Wyvernheart
  • Tristan Blackthorn
  • Finnian Ravenshadow
  • Eldrick Swiftblade
  • Evander Hawksworth

Female Cool Medieval Names:

  • Seraphina Moonshade
  • Elowen Frostfire
  • Aurelia Darkwater
  • Rhiannon Shadowstorm
  • Lysandra Nightengale
  • Rosalind Silverleaf
  • Isadora Stormborn
  • Calista Emberwind
  • Gwyneth Wilderose
  • Evelina Starfall

Famous Medieval Names:

Step into history with the Famous Medieval Names collection. Featuring names associated with renowned medieval figures, from royalty to scholars and warriors, this list offers inspiration for historical projects or those interested in the personalities shaping the Middle Ages.

  • King Arthur
  • Richard the Lionheart
  • Joan of Arc
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • King Arthur
  • Queen Guinevere
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Lady Isolde
  • Sir Gawain
  • Queen Eleanor
  • Robin Hood
  • Maid Marian
  • Richard the Lionheart
  • Joan of Arc
  • Charlemagne
  • William the Conqueror
  • King John
  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Marco Polo
  • Robin Hood

Badass Medieval Names:

Embrace the bold side of medieval nomenclature with the Badass Medieval Names collection. These names are chosen for their powerful and commanding presence, ideal for characters exuding strength, courage, and a touch of rebellion. Whether crafting stories with daring heroes or formidable villains, this collection resonates with the fierce spirit of the medieval age.

Male Badass Medieval Names:

  • Grimbold Ironfist
  • Aldric the Ruthless
  • Ragnar Blackheart
  • Thorne Ravenshadow
  • Cedric Warhammer
  • Draven Darkblade
  • Ulfrik Bonecrusher
  • Roland Skullcrusher
  • Malachi Shadowslayer
  • Torin Stormrage

Female Badass Medieval Names:

  • Morrigan Bloodthorn
  • Sable Nightshade
  • Isolde Deathstrike
  • Freya Ironclad
  • Astrid Hellfire
  • Rowena Shadowdancer
  • Seraphina Ironheart
  • Brynhildr Battlecry
  • Valkyrie Blackthorn
  • Gwendolyn Frostbite

Male Medieval Names:

Embark on a journey through the medieval world with the Male Medieval Names collection. Carefully selected for their historical significance and masculine charm, these names offer a diverse range of options for characters or personas from the medieval era.

  • Alfred
  • Baldwin
  • Edmund
  • Geoffrey
  • Harold
  • Lionel
  • Oswald
  • Reginald
  • Simon
  • Walter

Female Medieval Names:

Step into the enchanting realm of the medieval period with the Female Medieval Names collection. These names, chosen for their historical relevance and feminine grace, provide a rich selection for crafting female characters or adding a touch of medieval elegance to modern contexts.

  • Adelaide
  • Beatrice
  • Cecily
  • Eleanor
  • Guinevere
  • Isolde
  • Matilda
  • Rosalind
  • Winifred
  • Yseult

Warrior Medieval Names:

Unleash the spirit of battle with the Warrior Medieval Names collection. These names resonate with strength, courage, and martial prowess, making them ideal for characters who embody the warrior spirit of the medieval age.

Male Names:

  • Aldric Stormblade
  • Cedric Ironheart
  • Ragnar Blackthorn
  • Gideon Hawkborne
  • Leofric Bloodaxe
  • Thane Wolfsbane
  • Roland Shadowslayer
  • Ulric Battleborn
  • Godfrey Ravenshield
  • Cormac Fireforge

Female Names:

  • Freya Frostbane
  • Isolde Ironhand
  • Astrid Battlecry
  • Eowyn Stormbringer
  • Morrigan Darkblade
  • Brienne Steelheart
  • Sigrun Warhammer
  • Elara Shadowdancer
  • Rowena Bloodthorn
  • Thyra Wildheart

Religious Medieval Names:

Explore the divine with the Religious Medieval Names collection. These names are steeped in religious and spiritual significance, offering a selection that reflects the faith and devotion prevalent in the medieval era.

  • Adam
  • Gabriel
  • Luke
  • Matthew
  • Peter
  • Simon
  • Tobias
  • Nathaniel
  • Solomon
  • Matthias

Female Names:

  • Abigail
  • Deborah
  • Esther
  • Judith
  • Rachel
  • Sarah
  • Miriam
  • Tabitha
  • Susanna
  • Joanna

Unisex Medieval Names:

Break free from traditional gender norms with the Unisex Medieval Names collection. These names are versatile and suitable for characters or individuals who defy conventional gender expectations, adding a modern twist to the medieval charm.

  • Rowan
  • Morgan
  • Avery
  • Robin
  • Jordan
  • Blair
  • Dana
  • Taylor
  • Kendall
  • Bailey

Mythical Medieval Names:

Enter the realm of fantasy with the Mythical Medieval Names collection. These names draw inspiration from medieval myths, legends, and folklore, creating a magical atmosphere for characters or entities that transcend the boundaries of reality.

  • Sir Aetherius the Enchanter
  • Lady Celestia the Luminescent
  • Lord Valerian the Dragonheart
  • Lady Seraphina the Feyborn
  • Sir Galadriel the Elvenblade
  • Lady Phoenixia the Eternal Flame
  • Sir Oberon the Faerie Knight
  • Lady Selene the Moonstrider
  • Lord Gryphonius the Winged Guardian
  • Lady Aurora the Enigmatic
  • Sir Meridian the Mystic
  • Lady Lyra the Starwhisperer
  • Lord Titanus the Colossus
  • Lady Elysium the Ethereal
  • Sir Arcadius the Spellweaver

Funny Medieval Names:

Lighten the mood with the Funny Medieval Names collection. These names add a touch of humor and whimsy to the medieval setting, perfect for characters with a playful or comedic disposition in your stories or creative projects.

  • Lord Flibbertigibbet the Unpredictable
  • Sir Bumbleworth the Clumsy
  • Lady Wobblebottom the Absent-Minded
  • Baron Tickletush the Jovial
  • Sir Snorklepuff the Eccentric
  • Lady Flutterbloom the Whimsical
  • Lord Quibbleberry the Peculiar
  • Sir Wobblechops the Fanciful
  • Lady Gigglesnort the Merry
  • Baron von Muddlefoot the Scatterbrained
  • Sir Quirkleton the Zany
  • Lady Wobblegander the Quizzical
  • Lord Snickerdoodle the Silly
  • Sir Wobblewhiskers the Goofy
  • Lady Fluffernutter the Playful

Medieval Names for Knights:

Discover names that reflect the bravery and honor of knights in the medieval period. Whether for storytelling or creating characters, these Medieval Names capture the noble spirit of knighthood.

  • Sir Geoffrey of Ashwood
  • Sir Roland the Valiant
  • Sir Percival the Gallant
  • Sir Cedric of Blackthorn
  • Sir Tristan the Brave
  • Sir Lancelot the Noble
  • Sir Gawain the Fearless
  • Sir Aldric the Stalwart
  • Sir Benedict of Windemere
  • Sir Everard the Courageous
  • Sir Reginald the Defender
  • Sir Edmund the Mighty
  • Sir Godfrey of Ironwood
  • Sir Baldwin the Resolute
  • Sir Reynard the Honorable

Tips To Choose the Best Medieval Names

Choosing the right Medieval Names for your medieval-inspired story is important. Here are some simple tips to help you pick good names:

Step 1: Find Medieval Names

Look for names from the past, especially from the medieval times. You can search online or in books to make a list.

Step 2: Think About Culture and Place

Different places and times had different names. Decide if you want a name from a certain culture or region, like Vikings or knights.

Step 3: Understand the Meaning

Many names have meanings. Check what the name you like means. Choose Medieval Names with a good meaning that you like.

Step 4: Check History

Some names have stories from history. Find out if the name you like has an interesting story or is connected to someone famous.

Step 5: Check Pronunciation

Make sure the name is easy to say and spell. Choose Medieval Names that sound nice and aren’t too hard to pronounce.

Step 6: Family Traditions

If your family has naming traditions, see if there’s a medieval name that fits. This can connect your past with the present.

Step 7: Talk to the Family

Share your list with your family. Discuss the meanings and stories behind the names. Make sure everyone likes the name.

Step 8: Test the Name

Imagine calling your baby by that name. Check if it sounds good with your last name. Think about how it will sound as your child grows up.

Step 9: Check Popularity

See if the name is very common. If you want a unique name, make sure it’s not too popular.

Step 10: Trust Your Feelings

Pick a name that feels right for your family. Choose Medieval Names that are special and mean something to you. Trust your feelings in choosing the perfect name for your baby.

Inspiration Ideas for Medival Names

Here are some inspirational ideas to craft names:

1. Nature-Inspired Medieval Names:

Explore Medieval Names inspired by nature, which was a significant influence on medieval life. Consider names like “Alder,” meaning old or wise tree, or “Meadow,” symbolizing a peaceful open space. These names connect with the natural world that played a vital role in medieval culture.

2. Virtue-Based Medieval Names:

Draw inspiration from virtues valued during medieval times. Choose names that embody qualities like courage, honor, and kindness. This adds a meaningful and positive dimension to the names, reflecting the values of chivalry and nobility from that era.

3. Mythical Creatures and Legends:

Look to medieval myths, legends, and creatures for unique and enchanting names. Names inspired by mythical beings or stories can add a touch of magic and wonder to your baby’s name, connecting them to the rich tapestry of medieval folklore.


Our exploration of Medieval Names has been a journey through time, offering a treasure trove of options for those seeking names with a unique charm and historical significance.

From the Best Medieval Names that capture the spirit of the Middle Ages to the Badass Medieval Names resonating with strength and rebellion, our diverse collections cater to a range of preferences and purposes.

Whether you’re crafting characters for stories, or games, or simply seeking a distinctive name for personal use, our guide provides a comprehensive resource. The tips offered ensure a thoughtful and meaningful selection process, allowing you to choose names rooted in history, culture, and personal significance.


What is a Good Medieval Character Name?

Good medieval character names often reflect the period and setting. Examples include Sir Cedric, Lady Eleanor, or Tristan the Valiant.

What Were the Most Common Medieval Names?

Common medieval names included William, Robert, and Richard for males and Eleanor, Isabella, and Matilda for females.

What Medieval Name Means Power?

The name “Edric,” derived from Old English, means “wealthy ruler” and carries a sense of power and authority.

What is an Old Classic English Name?

An old classic English name is “Arthur,” known for its historical significance and association with legendary figures like King Arthur.

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