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Lapras Nicknames

Are you a passionate Pokémon trainer seeking to forge a deeper bond with your beloved Lapras? Look no further! Our comprehensive Lapras Nicknames list is here to inspire and guide you toward finding the perfect moniker for your aquatic companion.

 Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your journey, we understand the importance of a captivating nickname that truly reflects your Lapras’s character.

Finding the ideal nickname can often feel like an overwhelming task.  we take pride in our ability to craft outstanding Lapras nicknames that resonate with trainers across the globe.

Our team of expert Pokémon enthusiasts has meticulously curated a diverse selection of options to suit any Lapras’s personality, whether they possess a calm demeanor, a bold nature, or a mischievous streak.

Best Lapras Nicknames (340+Awesome Naming Ideas)

Here are some of the best Lapras nicknames that will add character and distinction to your aquatic companion:

Best Lapras Nicknames
  • Aurora
  • Frostbite
  • Aquarius
  • Melody
  • Glacier
  • Selene
  • Nixie
  • Mariner
  • Crystal
  • Neptune
  • Songbird
  • Tidal
  • Arctic
  • Harmony
  • Serenade
  • Meridian
  • Icicle

Water-Based Lapras Names:

For those seeking to highlight Lapras’s affinity with water, we present a selection of captivating water-based Lapras Nicknames.

Dive into the depths of creativity and choose from options like:

  • Aqua
  • Marlin
  • Cascade
  • Oceana
  • Wave
  • Coral
  • Neptune
  • Pearl
  • Marina
  • Splash
  • Misty
  • Seafarer
  • Tidal
  • Coraline
  • Azure
  • Seashell
  • Nami
  • Surf

Nicknames for Lapras from Pop Culture:

If you’re a pop culture aficionado, why not infuse your Lapras Nicknames with a dash of popular references?

 Channel the spirit of your favorite movies, TV shows, or music and consider nicknames like these:

  • Elsa (Frozen)
  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
  • Moana (Moana)
  • Aquaman (DC Comics)
  • Mera (Aquaman)
  • Poseidon (Greek mythology)
  • Nami (One Piece)
  • Percy (Percy Jackson series)
  • Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
  • Calypso (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Namor (Marvel Comics)
  • Ceto (Greek mythology)
  • Aqualad (DC Comics)
  • Melody (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
  • Aquarius (Zodiac sign)
  • Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)
  • Atlanna (Aquaman)
  • Triton (Greek mythology)

Nicknames for Lapras from Literature:

Literary works have always provided inspiration for unique and thought-provoking names.

Let the pages of great literature breathe life into your Lapras Nicknames.

  • Moby (Moby-Dick by Herman Melville)
  • Melusine (The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall)
  • Ophelia (Hamlet by William Shakespeare)
  • Nimue (Arthurian legends)
  • Undine (Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué)
  • Nereid (Greek mythology)
  • Galadriel (The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien)
  • Lorelei (German folklore)
  • Sirena (Song of the Sirens by Anna Banks)
  • Nerida (The Deep by Alma Katsu)
  • Morgana (Arthurian legends)
  • Calypso (The Odyssey by Homer)
  • Selkie (Scottish folklore)
  • Titania (A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare)
  • Undine (Water Babies by Charles Kingsley)
  • Nimiane (The Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart)
  • Miranda (The Tempest by William Shakespeare)
  • Daphne (Metamorphoses by Ovid)

Lapras Names from Myth:

Delve into the realm of mythology and embrace the rich tapestry of legends to find a truly captivating Lapras Nicknames.

These evocative names will add a touch of mystique and wonder to your Lapras persona.

  • Nessie: Named after the Loch Ness Monster, a mythical creature said to inhabit Loch Ness in Scotland.
  • Undine: Derived from the elemental water spirits known as “undines” in European folklore.
  • Selkie: Inspired by the mythical seal-like creatures from Scottish and Irish folklore, said to transform into humans on land.
  • Melusine: Based on the Melusine, a female water spirit from European folklore known for her association with water and serpentine features.
  • Sedna: Named after the Inuit goddess of the sea, who is believed to reside in the icy depths of the ocean.
  • Ondine: Inspired by the Ondines, water nymphs from European folklore are associated with bodies of water such as lakes and streams.
  • Bunyip: Derived from the Bunyip, a mythical creature from Australian Aboriginal mythology that is often described as living in bodies of water.
  • Nyami: A combination of the words “Naiad” (a type of water nymph in Greek mythology) and “Amphibious.”
  • Thalassa: Derived from the Greek personification of the sea, Thalassa, was considered a primordial goddess.
  • Mami Wata: Inspired by the African water deity Mami Wata, who is often depicted as a mermaid-like figure and associated with water spirits.

Unique Nicknames for Lapras:

For trainers seeking an entirely original Lapras nickname that embodies their Pokémon’s distinctiveness, we offer a collection of one-of-a-kind options.

These unique names embrace the individuality of your Lapras Nicknames, ensuring they stand out among their peers.

  • Serenade
  • Maritime
  • Glacial Melody
  • Oceanic Sonata
  • Aurora Crest
  • Aquillume
  • Icicle Serenade
  • Tranquil Tide
  • Crystal Mirage
  • Arctic Harmony
  • Aquabreeze
  • Everfrost
  • Melodic Ripple
  • Nauticallure
  • Frostheart
  • Luminesce
  • Serenashell
  • Aquazure

Naming Tips:

There are a few tactics to consider before naming Lapras Nicknames. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right name for your Pokemon.

  1. Short and Memorable: Choose a name that is short, easy to remember, and quick to say during battles or conversations with other trainers.
  2. Reflect Pokémon’s Appearance: Consider names that relate to the physical appearance of your Pokémon. For example, a Pokémon with large ears could be called “Loppy” or a Pokémon with a leaf-like pattern could be named “Folium.”
  3. Match Personality Traits: Name your Pokémon based on their personality traits. If your Pokémon is energetic and playful, a name like “Bounce” or “Zippy” might be suitable. For a calm and wise Pokémon, a name like “Sage” or “Serene” could be a good fit.
  4. Consider Type or Abilities: Incorporate the Pokémon’s type or abilities into their name. A fire-type Pokémon could be named “Inferno” or “Ember,” while a psychic-type Pokémon could be called “Mindra” or “Esper.”
  5. Use Onomatopoeia: Consider names that mimic the sounds associated with your Pokémon. For example, a Pokémon with a booming cry could be named “Roar” or a Pokémon with a melodic voice could be called “Serenade.”

Inspiration Ideas:

You can take inspiration from the following elements for your Lapras nicknames.

  1. Nature and Elements: Look to nature for inspiration. Names inspired by plants, weather phenomena, or natural elements can be fitting. For example, “Flora” for a grass-type Pokémon or “Gale” for a flying-type Pokémon.
  2. Mythology and Legends: Explore mythological creatures, gods, or legendary figures from different cultures. Names like “Apollo” or “Luna” could work for a majestic Pokémon, while “Kraken” or “Leviathan” might suit a powerful water-type Pokémon.
  3. Historical Figures: Consider names based on historical figures or famous individuals. A Pokémon with a regal demeanor could be named “Napoleon” or “Cleopatra,” while a Pokémon known for its intelligence could be called “Einstein” or “Newton.”
  4. Languages and Translations: Look for words with relevant meanings in different languages. A Pokémon with a strong defense could be named “Fendur” (derived from the Icelandic word “funda” meaning “to defend”).
  5. Hobbies and Interests: Incorporate your personal hobbies or interests into Pokémon names. If you’re a fan of music, you might name a melody-themed Pokémon “Harmony” or “Rhapsody.”

These tips and ideas are meant to inspire your creativity, so feel free to experiment and find the perfect name that reflects your Pokémon’s identity.


In conclusion, selecting the ideal nickname for your Lapras is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and strengthen the bond between you and your Pokémon companion.

By personalizing your Lapras with a carefully chosen nickname, you infuse it with your own style and personality. Additionally, well-crafted Lapras nicknames can spark conversations, create memorable moments, and make your Lapras stand out among other Pokémon.

In the end, the choice of a Lapras Nicknames should reflect your creativity, preferences, and the unique bond you share with your Pokémon. Have fun exploring the various options and let your imagination run wild as you embark on this naming adventure!


What is a Good Nickname for Lapras?

A good nickname for a Lapras depends on your personal preferences and the characteristics of your Pokemon. Some popular options include “Aqua,” “Serenity,” “Luna,” “Marina,” and “Frostbite.” Choose a name that reflects Lapras’ graceful nature and icy prowess.

What is the Nickname of Pokemon?

The term “nickname” refers to a custom name given to a Pokemon by its trainer. Trainers have the option to rename their Pokemon in the game, allowing them to add a personal touch and make their Pokemon feel more unique and special.

What is the Nickname for Quaxly Pokemon?

The Pokemon name you mentioned, “Quaxly,” doesn’t correspond to an official Pokemon species. If you meant a different Pokemon, please provide the correct name, and I’ll be happy to help you with suitable nickname suggestions.

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