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Kpop Playlist Names

Are you tired of generic playlist names that fail to capture the essence of your Kpop Playlist Names collection? Do you struggle to find that perfect moniker that resonates with the beats and lyrics you adore? Look no further.

Our curated selection of K-pop playlist names is here to elevate your music experience. This comprehensive guide unveils a treasure trove of creative and captivating names, tailored to suit different moods, genres, and vibes. Whether you’re into heart-pounding BTS anthems or the soulful melodies of IU, we’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to boring titles that fail to reflect the magic of K-pop. From powerful and empowering names for your workout playlist to dreamy, romantic ones for those late-night listening sessions, we’ve left no stone unturned.

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through K-pop’s vibrant and varied world with us. Every playlist name we offer is more than just a label; it’s an invitation to a realm brimming with emotions, stories, and the pulsating beats of the music you love. Elevate your listening experience today by embracing the enchanting world of Kpop Playlist Names.

430+ Best Ideas Kpop Playlist Names (Cute Kpop Playlist Naming Ideas)

Don’t settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is within reach. Explore our curated Kpop Playlist Names collection now and redefine your K-pop playlist experience.

  • “K-pop Party Anthems”
  • “K-pop Dance Delights”
  • “K-pop Groove Fusion”
  • “K-pop Fever Faves”
  • “K-pop Mania Mix”
  • “K-pop Chart-Toppers”
  • “K-pop Sensation Soundtrack”
  • “K-pop Vibes & Beats”
  • “K-pop Explosion Extravaganza”
  • “K-pop Kingdom Classics”
  • “K-pop Hit Parade”
  • “K-pop Fever Fusion”
  • “K-pop Beat Bonanza”
  • “K-pop Galaxy Grooves”
  • “K-pop Chart Climbers”
  • “K-pop Dancefloor Dominators”
  • “K-pop All-Stars Anthems”
  • “K-pop Party Powerhouse”
  • “K-pop Melodic Magic”
  • “K-pop Sensation Shuffle”

EXO Inspired Kpop Playlist Names:

Immerse yourself in a world of celestial rhythms with our carefully curated EXO-inspired K-pop playlist names.

Each Kpop Playlist Names resonates with the cosmic essence of EXO’s music, offering a unique blend of ethereal melodies and powerful beats.

Elevate your listening experience and embark on a musical journey that transcends ordinary playlists.

  • “EXO Planet Pop Party”
  • “EXOclusive Beats”
  • “EXOtic Groove Fusion”
  • “EXO-L Anthem Anthems”
  • “Powerful EXO Pulse”
  • “EXO Melodic Magic”
  • “EXO Planet Dancefloor”
  • “EXO Voyage Vibes”
  • “EXOtraordinary Jams”
  • “EXO Electro Energy”
  • “EXOstasy Mixtape”
  • “EXOperience the Beat”
  • “EXOtic Rhythmic Delights”
  • “EXOcelerate Playlist”
  • “EXOtastic Party Anthems”
  • “EXOtra Vibes & Beats”
  • “EXO-Love Grooves”
  • “EXO Sensation Soundtrack”
  • “EXO Realm Remixes”

BTS Inspired Kpop Playlist Names:

Step into the extraordinary realm of K-pop with our BTS-inspired playlist names. Crafted to mirror the dynamism and emotional depth of BTS’s discography, these Kpop Playlist Names are a gateway to a musical adventure like no other.

  • “BTS ARMY Anthems”
  • “BTS Extravaganza Mix”
  • “Dope BTS Delights”
  • “BTS Dynamite Grooves”
  • “BTS Melody Masters”
  • “BTS Bon Voyage Vibes”
  • “BTS Magic Moments”
  • “BTS Cypher Soundtracks”
  • “BTS Universe Tunes”
  • “BTS Fire Fusion”
  • “BTS DNA Dancefloor”
  • “BTS Power Party”
  • “BTS Love Yourself Lyrics”
  • “BTS Runway Remixes”
  • “BTS Mic Drop Mix”
  • “BTS Spring Day Serenades”
  • “BTS Euphoria Ensemble”
  • “BTS Life Goes On Legacy”

BIGBANG Inspired Kpop Playlist Names:

Experience the explosive energy of K-pop with our BIGBANG-inspired Kpop Playlist Names.

Each name exudes the urban vigor and genre-defying spirit that define BIGBANG’s music.

  • “VIP Vibes & Beats”
  • “Fantastic BIGBANG Fusion”
  • “BIGBANG Bang Bang Anthems”
  • “Electric BIGBANG Grooves”
  • “BIGBANG Melodic Masters”
  • “BIGBANG Explosion Extravaganza”
  • “BIGBANG V.I.P. Anthems”
  • “BIGBANG Fantastic Voyage”
  • “BIGBANG Beatbox Bliss”
  • “BIGBANG Fireworks Faves”
  • “BIGBANG Fusion Fiesta”
  • “BIGBANG Bangin’ Beats”
  • “BIGBANG Galaxy Grooves”
  • “BIGBANG Fantastic Fusions”
  • “BIGBANG Alive Anthems”
  • “BIGBANG Fantastic Fusion”
  • “BIGBANG Legacy Lyrics”
  • “BIGBANG Supernova Soundscapes”

GOT7 Inspired Kpop Playlist Names:

Embark on a journey of boundless energy and infectious melodies with our GOT7-inspired Kpop Playlist Names.

  • “GOT7 Groove Fusion”
  • “GOT7 Flight of Fantasy”
  • “GOT7 Galaxy Grooves”
  • “GOT7 Spin It Mix”
  • “GOT7 Melody Masters”
  • “GOT7 Serendipity Soundscapes”
  • “GOT7 Encore Extravaganza”
  • “GOT7 Lucky 7 Anthems”
  • “GOT7 Turbulence Tunes”
  • “GOT7 Starry Night Serenades”
  • “GOT7 Fly High Fusion”
  • “GOT7 Just Right Jams”
  • “GOT7 Flight Log Tracks”
  • “GOT7 Energetic Ensemble”
  • “GOT7 Verse 2 Vibes”
  • “GOT7 Eclipse Energy”
  • “GOT7 Arrival Anthems”
  • “GOT7 Love Loop Lyrics”
  • “GOT7 Flight to Fantasy”

Blackpink Inspired Kpop Playlist Names:

Unleash your inner powerhouse with our Blackpink-inspired Kpop Playlist Names.

  • “BLINK Vibes & Beats”
  • “BLACKPINK Dance Delights”
  • “BLINK Revolution Rhythms”
  • “BLACKPINK Melodic Magic”
  • “Kill This Playlist”
  • “BLACKPINK Power Anthems”
  • “BLACKPINK In Your Groove”
  • “DDU-DU DDU-DU Drops”
  • “BOOMBAYAH Bonanza”
  • “BLACKPINK Party Fusion”
  • “Lovesick Girls & Grooves”
  • “BLACKPINK Lightning Lyrics”
  • “BLACKPINK Fireworks Faves”
  • “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST Anthems”
  • “PRETTY SAVAGE Sounds”
  • “Playing with Fire Mix”
  • “BLACKPINK Legacy Legends”
  • “How You Like That Hits”
  • “BLACKPINK Encore Energy

Cool Kpop Playlist Names:

Coolness meets K-pop in our specially curated playlist names. These Kpop Playlist Names exude a suave and stylish vibe, perfect for setting the mood in any situation.

  • “K-pop Party Anthems”
  • “K-pop Dance Delights”
  • “K-pop Groove Fusion”
  • “K-pop Fever Faves”
  • “K-pop Mania Mix”
  • “K-pop Chart-Toppers”
  • “K-pop Sensation Soundtrack”
  • “K-pop Vibes & Beats”
  • “K-pop Explosion Extravaganza”
  • “K-pop Kingdom Classics”
  • “K-pop Hit Parade”
  • “K-pop Fever Fusion”
  • “K-pop Beat Bonanza”
  • “K-pop Galaxy Grooves”
  • “K-pop Chart Climbers”
  • “K-pop Dancefloor Dominators”
  • “K-pop All-Stars Anthems”
  • “K-pop Party Powerhouse”
  • “K-pop Melodic Magic”

Badass Kpop Playlist Names:

Embrace the bold and rebellious spirit of K-pop with our badass playlist names. These Kpop Playlist Names are a tribute to tracks that pack a punch, delivering a powerful sonic experience.

  • “K-pop Warriors Collection”
  • “Badass Beats & Rhythms”
  • “Fearless K-pop Fusion”
  • “K-pop Rebels Anthems”
  • “Unstoppable K-pop Vibes”
  • “Daring Dancefloor Delights”
  • “K-pop Legends League”
  • “Badass Vibes & Beats”
  • “K-pop Riot Anthems”
  • “Fierce Fusion Grooves”
  • “Masters of K-pop Mix”
  • “Badass Beatdown Tracks”
  • “K-pop Dominance Domain”
  • “Rebel Rhythms Revolution”
  • “Badass K-pop Anthems”
  • “K-pop Battlecry Bonanza”
  • “Defiant Dancefloor Dominators”
  • “Badass Vibes & Victory”
  • “K-pop Outlaw Overload”

Best Kpop Playlist Names:

Experience the epitome of K-pop excellence with our handpicked selection of the best Kpop Playlist Names.

  • “K-pop Excellence Mix”
  • “Top-Tier K-pop Hits”
  • “Ultimate K-pop Anthems”
  • “K-pop Masters Collection”
  • “Cream of the K-pop Crop”
  • “K-pop Classics & Coolness”
  • “Essential K-pop Vibes”
  • “Best of the K-pop World”
  • “K-pop Perfection Playlist”
  • “Greatest K-pop Hits”
  • “K-pop Legends Library”
  • “All-Time K-pop Favorites”
  • “Best in K-pop Beats”
  • “Supreme K-pop Soundscapes”
  • “K-pop Chart-Toppers”
  • “Elite K-pop Groove Fusion”
  • “Prime K-pop Power”
  • “K-pop Brilliance Mix”
  • “Crème de la K-pop”

Help Choosing The Right Name For Kpop Playlist Names

Choosing the perfect name for your K-pop playlist can be a fun and creative process. A well-thought-out name not only reflects your taste in music but also catches the eye of fellow K-pop enthusiasts.

To help you in this endeavor, we’ve put together some simple tips and tricks to assist you in selecting Kpop Playlist Names that stand out from the crowd.

  • Reflect Your Style: When brainstorming for a playlist name, consider the theme or style of K-pop songs you’ve curated. Are they energetic, emotional, or a mix of both? Let your playlist name mirror the essence of the songs within.
  • Incorporate Meaningful Words: Look for words or phrases that resonate with you and the emotions conveyed in your playlist. These can be in English, Korean, or a blend of both. Make sure the words hold significance to you.
  • Wordplay and Puns: Get creative with wordplay and puns related to K-pop culture. This adds a playful and memorable touch to your playlist name. For example, a playlist featuring heartwarming ballads could be named “Harmony Haven.”
  • Keep it Concise: Short and snappy names tend to be more memorable. Aim for names that are easy to pronounce and remember, making it effortless for others to find and share your playlist.
  • Consider Lyrics or Song Titles: Pull inspiration from your favorite K-pop songs. Phrases or words from lyrics or song titles can make excellent playlist names. Just ensure they reflect the overall vibe of your collection.
  • Blend Genres or Moods: If your playlist encompasses a range of K-pop styles or moods, try merging descriptive words to capture its essence. For example, “Euphoric Echoes” combines a joyful mood with a musical undertone.
  • Cultural References: Incorporating elements of Korean culture or pop culture can give your playlist a unique flair. This could be related to K-dramas, traditions, or even famous K-pop idols.
  • Test and Iterate: Don’t be afraid to try out different names and see how they resonate. Ask for feedback from friends or online communities to get fresh perspectives.
  • Avoid Clichés: While it’s tempting to use common K-pop buzzwords, consider steering away from overused phrases. Aim for something that feels authentic to you.
  • Stay True to Yourself: Ultimately, your playlist is a reflection of your taste and personality. Choose a name that feels genuine and resonates with you on a personal level.

Drawing Inspiration

Creating standout Kpop Playlist Names is an exciting venture. One effective approach is to draw inspiration from K-pop-related elements. In this guide, we’ll explore some simple techniques using plain English words to help you find the perfect name for your playlist.

  • Song Themes and Emotions: Start by considering the themes and emotions conveyed in your favorite K-pop songs. Words like “joyful,” “heartfelt,” or “uplifting” can be a great starting point.
  • Favorite Lyrics or Phrases: Identify striking lyrics or phrases from K-pop songs that resonate with you. These snippets can serve as a foundation for your playlist name.
  • Idol Influence: If you have a favorite K-pop idol, think about their style, personality, or even their stage name. Incorporating elements related to them can add a personal touch.
  • Korean Language Elements: Include Korean words or phrases that capture the essence of your playlist. You can use online resources for translations and ensure the words have a meaningful connection.


Selecting the right name for your K-pop playlist is a creative journey that should be enjoyable. By infusing your personality, preferences, and a touch of creativity, you’ll craft a name that not only represents your curated collection but also draws others into the world of K-pop music you’ve discovered.

We have provided the best Kpop Playlist Names in our lists of ideas for you. So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild – the perfect Kpop Playlist Names are just a brainstorm away!

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