Awesome Cool & Unique Gnome City Names

Gnome City Names

Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply someone who loves exploring fantastical realms, these Gnome City Names ideas will spark your creativity and add depth to your gnome cities.

Are you a fantasy enthusiast looking for unique and captivating names for gnome cities in your imaginative world? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled extensive lists of gnome city names that will infuse charm and personality into your fictional landscapes.

Creating a fictional world filled with gnome cities is an exciting endeavor, but finding the perfect names can sometimes feel like a challenge. That’s where we come in! We’ve curated a collection of gnome city name ideas that range from traditional to whimsical, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

Naming gnome cities isn’t just about picking random words—it’s an art that adds depth and uniqueness to your world-building. Each name has the power to convey a sense of place, culture, and history, enriching the narrative of your fantasy universe.

440+ Best Gnome City Names (Includes Town & Village Ideas 2023)

Each of these lists offers a unique perspective on gnome culture and lifestyle, catering to various themes and moods for gnome city names.

Quaint and charming names inspired by the world of gnomes. These gnome city names capture the essence of a peaceful and traditional gnome village, filled with cozy cottages, garden paths, and whimsical characters.

  • Glimmerwood
  • Toadstool Hollow
  • Brambleburg
  • Fernglen
  • Pebblebrook
  • Snugburrow
  • Dewdrop Dale
  • Willowwhisper
  • Lichenholm
  • Cobblestone Cove
  • Glitterglen
  • Starshine Meadow
  • Whispering Pines
  • Sparklestone
  • Honeysuckle Hamlet
  • Rootstock Retreat
  • Sylphswood
  • QuaintQuarry

Evil Gnome City Names:

Unveil the darker side of gnomes with these Gnome City Names that depict a sinister and malevolent gnome city.

Imagine a place where mischief turns into something more sinister, and the gnomes embrace their mischievous nature with a wicked twist.

  • Shadowfell Enclave
  • Maleficent Mound
  • Wickedthorn Hollow
  • Gloomshade Abyss
  • Doomglen Citadel
  • Cursedwood Stronghold
  • Nightshade Nexus
  • Sinister Spire
  • Grimshroud Grotto
  • Malevolence Manor
  • Forsaken Folly
  • Nefarion Nook
  • Obsidian Outpost
  • Desolation Depths
  • Corruptivale
  • Abyssal Caverns
  • Chaoshaven
  • Ebonheart Bastion

Real-World Places Gnomified:

Take familiar real-world places and give them a gnome-inspired twist.

This list combines recognizable locations with gnome culture, resulting in unique and playful names that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.

  • Gnomington-on-the-Green (instead of Kensington-on-the-Green)
  • Gnomeregan Square (instead of Trafalgar Square)
  • Gnomehattan (instead of Manhattan)
  • Gnomejito Beach (instead of Miami Beach)
  • Gnomevanna (instead of Savannah)
  • Gnome Francisco (instead of San Francisco)
  • Gnomington, D.C. (instead of Washington, D.C.)
  • Gnomecastle (instead of Edinburgh Castle)
  • Gnome Louvre (instead of the Louvre)
  • Gnomehenge (instead of Stonehenge)
  • Gnomehenge Gardens (instead of Butchart Gardens)
  • Gnomesville (instead of Seville)
  • Gnomerica (instead of America)
  • Gnome Alps (instead of the Swiss Alps)
  • Gnome Rio (instead of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Gnomehattan Bridge (instead of Brooklyn Bridge)
  • Gnometropolis (instead of Metropolis)
  • Gnome York (instead of New York)
  • Gnomehenge National Park (instead of Stonehenge)
  • Gnomecastle Palace (instead of Buckingham Palace)

Funny Gnome City Names:

Laughter abounds in this list of names that are designed to tickle your funny bone.

These Gnome City Names infuse humor into the concept of gnome cities, offering a lighthearted and amusing take on their whimsical urban dwellings.

  • Chuckleville
  • Giggleburrow
  • Quirkington
  • Snickerhaven
  • Whimsyshire
  • Joketon
  • Chuckleburg
  • Giggledale
  • Mirthville
  • Grinberg
  • Tittertown
  • Snortington
  • Laughalot
  • Chortleville
  • Guffawsville
  • Chucklefrog
  • Snickerstrand
  • Jollyville
  • Haha Heights

Urban Gnome City Names:

Transport gnomes into the bustling world of cities with these Gnome City Names.

  • Metronome
  • Gnomeapolis
  • Gnomehattan
  • Gnomeborough
  • Urbanglen
  • Gnomeston
  • Cityscape Gnomia
  • Skysprout City
  • Gnomevillage Heights
  • Technogno
  • Urbanite Haven
  • Gnometropolis
  • Cosmognome
  • Neogno
  • Urbanthorn
  • Gnomeville Urbania
  • Gnometown Heights
  • Gnomehive
  • Skyline Sprout
  • Urbangrove

Gnome Town Names:

Delve into the heart of gnome society with these town Gnome City Names that encompass a range of themes and atmospheres.

  • Meadowbrook
  • Willowville
  • Toadstoolton
  • Bramblebury
  • Fiddlefern
  • Cobblehaven
  • Mossyhaven
  • Dewdrop Hollow
  • Glimmering Glen
  • Snugglebrook
  • Fanciful Foothills
  • Whimsywood
  • Pebblehaven
  • Twinklethorn
  • Lullabypark
  • Sylphshire
  • Starlingstead
  • Nookshire

Cave Gnome City Names:

Venture underground with this list, where gnomes have carved their homes into the depths of caves and caverns.

These gnome city names evoke images of hidden subterranean cities illuminated by bioluminescent plants and magical crystals.

  • Stone shadow Cavern
  • Glimmerstone Enclave
  • Crystal Hollows
  • Echopeak Grotto
  • Gemspark Refuge
  • Subterrania Haven
  • Quartzheart Sanctum
  • Flintstone Citadel
  • Underglen Bastion
  • Lumincave Nexus
  • Obsidian Oasis
  • Gloomcrystal Labyrinth
  • Cobalt Depths
  • Earthsong Enclave
  • Sparkstone Chasm
  • Diamondbloom Domain
  • Deepshade Fissure
  • Gleamcore Hold
  • Obscurity Gorge
  • Twilight Veil Vault

Futuristic Gnome City Names:

Combine the charm of gnomes with the technology of the future in this list of Gnome City Names.

  • Gnometropolis X
  • Nova Nexus
  • Quantumville
  • AeonSprout City
  • Chronoglen
  • Neogno Metropolis
  • Cybersprout Enclave
  • Fluxburgh
  • Stardrive Hub
  • Roboglen Township
  • Infiniton
  • Aetherium Urbania
  • Xenogrove Hub
  • AstralNova Haven
  • Nanobot Nexus
  • SynthCity
  • Electroglen Oasis
  • Futuron
  • Viridiscity

Forest Gnome City Names:

Embrace the connection between gnomes and nature with these Gnome City Names set in lush and enchanting forests.

Picture gnomes living harmoniously among the trees, with their cities seamlessly blending into the natural landscape.

  • Mosswood Haven
  • Fernbrook Village
  • Thistlethorn Hamlet
  • Whispering Grove
  • Verdant Hollows
  • Elderwood Enclave
  • Brambleshade
  • Dewleaf Domain
  • Pinecrest Township
  • Fiddlefern Glade
  • Willow whisper Oasis
  • Foxglove Glen
  • Wildwood Haven
  • Emerald Grove
  • Oakshade Sanctuary
  • Whisperwind Hamlet
  • Acorngrove Village
  • Moonshadow Thicket
  • Woodland Refuge

Mystical Gnome Town Names:

Transport yourself to a realm of mysticism with these Gnome City Names that exude an aura of magic and wonder.

These towns are places where ancient secrets, mystical energies, and gnome wisdom converge.

  • Arcanum Glen
  • Starlight Haven
  • Mystic Hollow
  • Eldermist Village
  • Enchanted Thicket
  • Celestial Springs
  • Moonlit Meadow
  • Stardust Sanctum
  • Whispering Willow Grove
  • Luminous Vale
  • Dreamweaver Hamlet
  • Nebula Nook
  • Seraphic Glade
  • Echowisp Enclave
  • Fablemist Township
  • Sherbourne
  • Astral Echo
  • Ethereal Ember
  • Sylphwood Sanctuary

Ancient Gnome City Names:

Unearth the history of gnomes with Gnome City Names that harken back to ancient times. Imagine cities with rich folklore, ancient architecture, and a sense of wisdom accumulated over countless generations.

  • Mythosburgh
  • Ruinwood Haven
  • Ancestors’ Arbor
  • Legacy Hollow
  • Time forged Enclave
  • Primordial Glen
  • Antiquity Springs
  • Lodestone Hamlet
  • Oraclethorn Village
  • Agedale Refuge
  • Ancientspire
  • Mythborne Thicket
  • Forgotten Vale
  • Runebound Sanctuary
  • Eldertide Glade
  • Relicwood Village
  • Tradition’s Nook
  • Eldersong Refuge
  • Ageless Meadow

Inspiration Ideas

Gnomes are often associated with nature, technology, and a touch of whimsy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you come up with creative gnome city names:

  • Nature-inspired Names: Gnomes have a close connection with the natural world. Consider using names inspired by plants, animals, or natural phenomena, such as “Mosswood,” “Fernhaven,” “Bumblebrook,” or “Crystalpeak.”
  • Combine Contrasting Elements: Mix contrasting concepts to create unique names. Combine technological terms with natural elements, like “Steamleaf Springs” or “Circuitwood Enclave.”
  • Blend Real Words: Combine real words in unexpected ways to create city names that evoke the essence of gnome culture. Consider names like “Whisperforge,” “Sparkle,” or “Geargrove.
  • Consider Gnome Occupations: Gnomes are often depicted as inventors, mechanics, and engineers. Think about names related to their professions, like “Cogwork Citadel,” “Steamsmith Stronghold,” or “Tinker’s Junction.”
  • Highlight Features: If the city has distinctive features, incorporate them into the name. For instance, if the city is built around a great tree, you might call it “Rootreach.”
  • Geographic Elements: Use geographic features as inspiration. Names like “Rivervale,” “Cragtop,” or “Gleaming Grotto” can provide a sense of the city’s surroundings.
  • Blend Myth and Reality: Incorporate mythical or legendary elements into the name, like “Gleamspark Haven” or “Enchanted Forge.”

Tips To Choose Gnome City Names

Here are some tips to help you create compelling and memorable city Gnome City Names:

  • Consider the Setting: Think about the environment and geography of the city. Names can reflect features like rivers, mountains, forests, or deserts. For example, “Riverbend,” “Stonepeak,” “Woodhaven,” or “Sandridge.”
  • Culture and History: Explore the city’s backstory, culture, and history. Incorporate elements from its past or the cultures that influenced its development. Names like “Eldertown,” “Imperial Reach,” or “Havenbrook” can evoke a sense of history.
  • Symbolism and Themes: Choose a theme or symbol that represents the city’s essence. If it’s a hub of trade, a name like “Marketville” might work. For a city of magic, “Enchanted Hollow” could be fitting.
  • Invent New Words: Blend words or use prefixes and suffixes creatively to invent new, intriguing names. For instance, “Verdantforge,” “Aerithaven,” or “Luminoak.”
  • Blend Languages: Mix words from different languages to create unique and evocative names. Be mindful of how the words flow and sound together. For instance, “Luminaria” combines “luminous” and “aria.”
  • Sounds and Phonetics: Pay attention to the sounds of the name. Some sounds may evoke a certain feeling or atmosphere. For example, names with “v” or “z” sounds might sound more vibrant or mysterious.
  • Simplicity vs. Complexity: Decide whether you want a simple, easy-to-pronounce name or a more complex, multi-syllabic one. Both approaches can work depending on the context.
  • Avoid Overcomplication: While creativity is key, be cautious of making names too convoluted or difficult to remember or pronounce.
  • Test It Out: Say the name aloud or share it with others to see how it sounds and how it’s received.
  • Research Existing Names: Look up real city names, fantasy literature, historical periods, or other sources for gnome city name inspiration.


There you have it—our carefully crafted list of gnome city names that will help you breathe life into your fantasy world. Whether you’re writing a novel, creating a game, or simply daydreaming about whimsical landscapes, these names will add a touch of magic to your creative endeavors.

 Don’t be afraid to experiment and iterate until you find a name that captures the magic of your city!


What is a Good Name for a Gnome?

A good gnome name embodies their nature-loving and inventive spirit, such as “Mosswhisper,” “Cogsprocket,” or “Petalbeam.”

What is Gnome City?

A gnome city is a lively settlement where gnomes thrive, often blending nature and machinery, like “Steamhaven,” “Glimmerstone Enclave,” or “Blossomville.”

How do Gnomes Get Their Names?

Gnomes’ names are crafted to mirror their interests and qualities, given by parents or earned through achievements, like “Copperflint” or “Whisperleaf.”

What is a Gnome Clan Name?

A gnome clan name is a shared family or group identifier, often linked to history or profession, like “Gearspring Clan” or “Thornbloom Family.”

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