Special Cool & Creative Christmas Playlist Names

Christmas Playlist Names

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread the cheer than with some festive tunes? Music is a vital component of any holiday celebration, and Christmas is no exception. So why not choose the Christmas Playlist Names to make it more aesthetic?

Whether you’re gathering with family and friends, or enjoying some downtime at home, a Christmas playlist can set the perfect ambiance for the occasion.

But with so many songs to choose from, how do you create a playlist that captures the essence of Christmas? The answer lies in the Christmas playlist names.

It sets the tone for the playlist and gives listeners an idea of what to expect.  So, when it comes to creating a Christmas playlist, choosing the right name is crucial.

To help you get in the festive spirit, we’ve put together a list of creative and catchy names for your Christmas playlists. From classic to modern, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the wonderful world of Christmas music and discover the perfect name for your holiday playlist.

200+ Best Christmas Playlist Names: A Merry Mix of Festive and Fun Tunes

Are you in the mood for some cheery and lively Christmas music? Why not create a playlist with fun and happy Christmas hits that will keep you dancing and smiling all season long?

Best Christmas Playlist Names

To help you get started, here are some good Christmas playlist names and ideas that will bring joy to your holiday season.

  • Family Singalong Christmas
  • Christmas at the Movies
  • Teen Pop Christmas
  • Romantic Christmas Classics
  • Today’s Inspirational Christmas
  • Classical Crossover Christmas
  • Christmas Oldies
  • Today’s Christmas Voices
  • Modern Country Christmas Hits
  • Christmas Sirens
  • A Very Vinyl Christmas
  • Christmas Brass & Bells
  • Kids’ Christmas
  • Christmas in the ‘70s

Christmas Playlist Name Ideas

  • “Jingle Bell Jams”
  • “Festive Melodies Mix”
  • “Yuletide Harmony”
  • “Holiday Cheer Tracks”
  • “Winter Wonderland Tunes”
  • “Merry & Bright Playlist”
  • “Christmas Carols Collection”
  • “Frosty Festivities”
  • “Joyful Jingles Galore”
  • “Cheerful Christmas Melodies”
  • “Yule Love These Songs”
  • “Seasonal Soundscape”
  • “Ho-Ho-Holiday Hits”
  • “Jolly Jingle Jam”
  • “Festive Favorites Mix”
  • “Christmas Spirit Serenade”
  • “Holly Jolly Playlist”
  • “Magical Yuletide Melodies”
  • “Yule Be Rockin'”
  • “Mistletoe Melodies”

Christmas Playlist Names Ideas for Kids and Families:

Christmas is a special time of year for children and families, and creating a playlist filled with festive tunes that everyone can enjoy together is a great way to make lasting memories.

Christmas Playlist Names Ideas for Kids and Families

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some playlist name ideas that will help you curate a playlist that’s perfect for the whole family.

  • Ho Ho Holiday Hits
  • Jingle All the Way
  • Santa’s Groove
  • Christmas Rock ‘n Roll
  • Deck the Halls and Dance
  • Snow Day Playlist
  • Silent Night, Dancing Lights
  • Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  • Gingerbread House Music Mix
  • A Very Merry Playlist
  • Caroling with Classics
  • Little Elves’ Favorite Tunes
  • Sleigh Bells & Snaps Beats
  • Kids’ Kringle Krush Groove
  • Sledding to the Sounds of Soul
  • Snowflake Stomp & Shout
  • Santa’s Soulful Jams
  • Frosty’s Favorite Funk
  • Nutcracker Grooves
  • Jingle Jazz
  • Joyful Holiday Hip Hop
  • Holiday Pop Power
  • Jingling With Jazzy Tunes
  • Frosty’s Funky Flows
  • Santa’s Slick Synths
  • Christmas Crunk
  • Mistletoe Melodies
  • Sleigh-full of Samples
  • A Holly Jolly Dance Party

Playlist Name Ideas for Classical Christmas Music:

If you prefer the elegance and timelessness of classical music during the holiday season, creating a playlist that showcases the genre’s best is a great way to set a festive mood.

Playlist Name Ideas for Classical Christmas Music

Here are some playlist name ideas that will help you curate a list of the most beautiful and timeless Christmas classics.

  • Classical Christmas
  • Christmas at the Opera
  • Solo Piano Christmas
  • Today’s Country Christmas
  • Christmas Rap
  • Vintage Christmas Crooners
  • Merry Indie Christmas!
  • A White Sand Christmas
  • Yuletide Swing!
  • Animated Christmas
  • Old-School Christmas Soul
  • Classic Christmas
  • Merry F***ing Christmas
  • Christmas in the ‘80s
  • Christmas at the Cabin
  • Jazz Christmas
  • Christmas in the ‘60s
  • The Christmastime Blues

Christmas RAP Music Playlist Name Ideas:

If you’re a fan of Christmas music with a modern twist, a Christmas RAP music playlist might be just what you’re looking for.

Christmas RAP Music Playlist Name Ideas

Here are some playlist name ideas that will help you create a list of festive tunes with a hip-hop beat.

  • A Cosby Sweater Christmas
  • Jingle Butt Rock
  • Natty & Nice: A Reggae Christmas
  • Coolest Christmas Songs of All Time
  • Orchestral Holiday Pops
  • The Biggest Christmas Hits of All Time
  • ‘70s & ‘80s Country Christmas
  • White Sand Christmas
  • Your Own Christmas Musical
  • Today’s Pop Christmas
  • Singer-Songwriter Christmas
  • Christmas in the ‘90s
  • All I Want for Christmas is Pop!
  • Acoustic Guitar Christmas
  • ¡Santa Claus Tiene Sabor!
  • Rock & Roll Christmas
  • Purple Snowflakes
  • Small Ensemble Christmas
  • All I Want for Christmas Is Pop!
  • Never-Ending Christmas Hits
  • Dream Messiah
  • Alt-Rock Christmas
  • A Traditional Country Christmas
  • Cozy Christmas Hits

Spotify Funny Christmas Playlist Names:

If you’re looking to add some humor and fun to your Christmas playlist, why not give it a funny name that will make everyone smile?

Funny Names For Your Christmas Spotify Playlist

These are some hilarious Christmas playlist names to get you started.

  • Shining Stars
  • Nativity Joy
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Joyful Noise
  • Santa’s Groove
  • Jingle Bell Rock
  • Winter Chill
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Carols and Cocoa
  • A Holly Jolly Playlist
  • Deck the Halls Playlist
  • Silent Nightly Sing-Alongs
  • White Christmas Classics
  • Peppermint & Pine Needles
  • Wrapped in Warmth Playlist
  • Santa’s Workshop Grooves
  • Snow Day Playlist Ideas
  • Let it Snow Tunes
  • Sleigh Ride Songs List
  • Frosty the Snowman Hits
  • Silent Night Classics
  • Jingle Bells Jams

Aesthetic Names for Christmas Playlists for Inspirational Christmas Music:

If you’re into feel-good Christmas tunes that inspire and uplift your spirit, then these playlist name ideas are perfect for you!

Playlist Name Ideas for Inspirational Christmas Music
  • “Joyful Worship”
  • “Peaceful Carols”
  • “Uplifting Noel”
  • “Divine Yuletide”
  • “Spiritual Sounds of Christmas”
  • “Praise and Worship Christmas”
  • “Soulful Season”
  • “Inspirational Christmas Classics”
  • “Christ-Centered Carols”
  • “Christian Christmas Celebration”
  • “Faithful Festivities”
  • “Glory to God”
  • “Christmas Gospel Hits”
  • “Revive and Renew”
  • “Hallelujah Holidays”
  • “Jesus is the Reason”
  • “Holy Night Hymns”

Playlist Name Ideas for Traditional Christmas Music:

For those who love the classics and want to stick to traditional Christmas music, we’ve got you covered with some playlist name ideas!

  • “Traditional Treasures”
  • “Vintage Christmas”
  • “Timeless Tunes”
  • “Cherished Yuletide”
  • “The Sounds of Christmas”
  • “Old-Fashioned Holidays”
  • “Holly Jolly Classics”
  • “Christmas Nostalgia”
  • “Seasonal Standards”
  • “Orchestral Noel”
  • “Caroling Collection”
  • “Choral Christmas”
  • “Sacred Songs of the Season”
  • “Christmas Choir Classics”

Playlist Name Ideas for Christmas Party Music:

Planning a festive get-together with friends and family? Pump up the energy with some fun and lively Christmas party music!

Playlist Name Ideas for Christmas Party Music
  • “Yuletide Bangers”
  • “Jingle Bell Jams”
  • “Holiday Hype”
  • “Christmas Club Mix”
  • “Festive Frenzy”
  • “Deck the Dancefloor”
  • “Santa’s Beats”
  • “Mistletoe Madness”
  • “Seasonal Shindig”
  • “Holiday House Party”
  • “Xmas Xtreme”
  • “Merry Mashup”
  • “Funky Christmas”
  • “Tinsel Tunes”
  • “Rudolph’s Rave”
  • “Yule Be Groovin'”
  • “Ho Ho House”
  • “Jolly Jukebox”

Playlist Name Ideas for Contemporary Christmas Music:

If you’re looking for something a little more modern and fresh, then contemporary Christmas music is the way to go.

Playlist Name Ideas for Contemporary Christmas Music

Check out these perfect Christmas playlist names ideas.

  • “Festive Grooves”
  • “Modern Merry”
  • “Jolly Jingles”
  • “Contemporary Carols”
  • “Holiday Beats”
  • “Freshly Wrapped”
  • “Funky Yuletide”
  • “Merry and Bright”
  • “Poppy Noel”
  • “Hipster Holidays”

Christmas Playlist Names Inspiration

There are many things related to Christmas that can inspire great playlist names. Here are 5 of them:

Christmas Carols and Songs

One of the most obvious sources of inspiration for a Christmas playlist name is the vast collection of Christmas carols and songs. You can take a line from a favorite Christmas song and use it as the name of your playlist. For example, “Jingle Bells All the Way” or “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Festive Foods and Drinks

Christmas is when we indulge in delicious and festive foods and drinks. You can use the names of your favorite Christmas foods or drinks to create a unique playlist name. Examples include “Eggnog and Mistletoe” or “Sugarplum Fairy Jams.”

Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions vary from family to family, but they are all unique and special. You can use the traditions that are most special to you as inspiration for your Christmas playlist name. For example, “Trimming the Tree Tunes” or “Christmas Morning Melodies.”

Symbols of Christmas

There are many symbols of Christmas that can inspire great playlist names. These symbols can range from the traditional to the more modern. Examples include “Reindeer Rhythms” or “Sleigh Ride Shuffle.”

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland themes are always popular for Christmas playlists. You can use the magic of winter to create a magical name for your playlist. Examples include “Frosty Faves” or “Let it Snow Jams.”

How to Choose a Good Christmas Playlist Name in 7 Steps

  1. Define the Theme and Purpose of Your Playlist: What is the theme and purpose of your playlist? Is it a mix of classic Christmas tunes or modern hits? Is it for a holiday party or a cozy night in by the fire? Defining the theme and purpose of your playlist will help you choose a name that fits.
  2. Brainstorm Keywords and Ideas: Make a list of keywords and ideas related to your theme and purpose. Use a thesaurus or word generator to find synonyms and related words to your keywords.
  3. Narrow Down Your List: Once you have a long list of ideas, start narrowing it down to your top 10. Consider the length, how memorable and catchy they are, and how well they fit your theme and purpose.
  4. Check for Similar: Christmas playlist names Before finalizing your list, do a quick search to make sure there aren’t any other playlists with the same or similar names. You want your playlist to stand out!
  5. Test Your Shortlist: Once you have your shortlist, it’s time to test them out. Say them out loud, write them down, and see how they look and sound. Share them with friends and family to get their input. Consider the audience you are targeting, and make sure the name is appealing to them.
  6. Choose the Best Name: After testing your shortlist, it’s time to choose the best name. Pick the name that you think captures the spirit of your playlist and appeals to your audience. Make sure it is easy to remember, catchy, and unique.
  7. Celebrate Your Playlist Name: Congratulations, you have chosen the perfect Christmas playlist name for your Christmas playlist! Celebrate by sharing your playlist with friends and family and spreading the holiday cheer.


When creating a Christmas playlist, choosing the right Christmas playlist names is crucial as it sets the tone for the playlist and gives listeners an idea of what to expect.

To choose a good Christmas playlist name, it’s important to define the theme and purpose of your playlist, brainstorm keywords and ideas, narrow down your list, and check for similar names before finalizing your list.

There are many creative and catchy Christmas playlist names to choose from, these lists above ranging from classic to modern, and there’s something for everyone.


What are Some Good Playlist Names?

“Feel Good Favorites”
“Throwback Tunes”
“Chill Vibes Only”
“Party Anthems”
“Road Trip Jams”
“Pump Up the Energy”
“Acoustic Sessions”
“Late Night Listening”
“Summer Lovin'”

What Should I Name My Happy Playlist?

“Happy Hits”
“Smile On”
“Joyful Jams”
“Positive Vibes Only”
“Good Mood Music”
“Happiness Is…”
“Sunny Side Up”
“Brighten Your Day”
“Uplifting Sounds”

What Songs Should I Add to My Christmas Playlist?

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey
“Last Christmas” by Wham!
“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee
“Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms
“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” by Bruce Springsteen
“Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano
“Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” by Dean Martin
“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra
“The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole
“White Christmas” by Bing Crosby

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